Thanks Digg! Using Digg to increase traffic

Digg has been one of the best ways to get my news noticed. I used to rely solely on services like Technorati and Furl. After reading an article about social networking I decided to give Digg try. Since then I’ve been submitting all of my articles on Digg.

The results?
This blog alone has gone from 25 viewers to 111 viewers yesterday. According to Google Analytics, Digg is a large portion of where my visitors come from.

Why use Digg?
Digg is an excellent social networking utility. It lets you submit news you think is important and lets others “Digg It” if they liked it. I add a small link on every article of my blog that lets you “Digg It”.

Implementing Digg in your Blog
Blogger – Tutorial
Wordpress – Tutorial

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