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Click for Nick’s Spread the Love!

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

I personally like finding out about new blogs. There are so many out there that I seem to run across a couple I like every single day. But how do we know what blogs are worth visiting? We read reviews!

Let’s Spread the Love
If you review my blog, I will review yours plain and simple. What’s better than getting your blog featured on Click for Nick? Just write a short 50 words about my blog, and include a link to my blog under the keywords “Click for Nick dot Com”. Be critical. If you don’t like something about my blog, write it in your review.

Let Me Know
Reply to this post, with a link to your review and I’ll review your blog on ClickforNick dot Com.

You’ll be able to see the link for this Spread the Love campaign under every post.

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What is Success? The Keys to Success

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Success is something in my opinion something that defines our lives. We all want to be able to share with others that we’ve been successful. We love hearing stories about kids who become Millionaires at 17 or someone who wins the lottery. That just strengthens the hope that this kind of success can happen to us. But, is making a lot of money really your definition of success? I’ve outline a few thing that I believe can help you in your quest to find the keys to success.

There is “always” an opportunity
You like me believe that there is always a way to success, we just have to find it. If we don’t have it, we aren’t doing something right. Consider the other day, I was running and I really had to go to the bathroom. I look everywhere for a place to go to bathroom. I told myself, ok just one more run around the park and then I’ll leave and look for a bathroom. By running the opposite way, I was able to find a bathroom that I hadn’t seen by running in my original direction. It was doing something that led me to the bathroom. So maybe this isn’t the best example, but I apply this to my quest to find a job. Maybe the keywords I am tying in the job search engines are wrong. Maybe I shouldn’t even be using the search engine at all, but something else? By changing directions (like when I was running) I discover something new and possible finally see what it was I was missing all along.

Success isn’t instant gratification
We need to struggle for things we want. Its by working hard and not giving up that we can enjoy that moment when we find the job of our dreams or finally create that successful business. Even if things aren’t going well, we need to keep holding out. If we work hard enough, things will work out. Consider my blog “ClickforNick dot Com”. For the first three months, I had barely any traffic. I didn’t give up. I just worked harder and wrote more and more posts to my blog. Then one day my traffic picked up, I went from making less than one dollar a day to ten dollars a day. What if I had given up?

The American Dream – Anyone can get rich
I would like to believe that anyone can get rich, richer than they could imagine, but its sadly not the case. There will always be rich and poor, but even if we happen to be poor, I do believe it is possible to lead a successful life. Is it a fast car that really makes our lives better. Perhaps better is the relationships we have in our lives. Instead of criticizing someone for being poor, why don’t we honor them for whatever it is they do (hopefully not drugs). Maybe they paint and make wonderful paintings that don’t sell. Not everyone needs money to be happy. Money does not equal happiness.

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Get unblocked from Digg, Banned from Digg

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Its happened, I’ve been banned by Digg a third time. They just don’t seem to like the fact that I submit all my articles to them. Is that really spamming? In case you don’t know what Digg is, it is a social networking site where you can submit your articles. Users can then add “points” to an article. This site is great to use to find new readers to visit your site. Unfortunately I’ve been banned time and time again. Will that stop this evil website marketer? No, I’m just going to create a new screen name and continue to submit articles from this site.

Get unblocked from Digg
When you submit the same website to Digg constantly on every new post, eventually Digg is going to block your website. If this happens, no one will be able to submit anymore webpages from that site. Your account might also end up blocked completely.

Ways to unblock a Digg block/hold on your account

  1. Create a new user name if your user name has been blocked.
  2. Use a redirection service. I host my blog through Blogger, so is the same as Both addresses will send you to the same place. Digg doesn’t recognize that these are the same website.
  3. Use Hyfeno’s redirection service. Hyfeno offers a completely free redirection service with no signups needed. With you can hide the Url of your post. Digg won’t see rather

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Watch Full Episodes on MSN, Free Tv Shows

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Did you realize that MSN is also in the full episodes business? They are streaming a large variety of free tv shows, even many from other networks. Actually all their free tv shows come from other networks (unless you want to watch old episodes of MSNBC).

They seem to have everything that is good on TV. Even old shows like Doogie Howser MD can be watched here. Say you didn’t want to stay up late last night to watch Conan O Brien. That too, is being stream on NBC. Full list of shows on MSN found here. Overall who can be upset with the line of quality shows being shown on the internet. It seems just a matter of time before the internet becomes the way we watch tv.

Get rid of the vcr?
If you are like me, you used a vcr to record your shows. Many people probably don’t even know what that is anymore. They all have TIVO and any other digital device. Well with the amount of free shows that are being streamed, I don’t see any reason to use my vcr again. These streaming full episode site, like MSN, update shows after they’ve been shown, so if you missed the last episode of CSI, just wait a day or two and it’ll be on MSN’s website. Did I say no or almost no commercials? The best advantage with shows streamed online is almost all the commercials have been cut out, except for one or two promo commercials thrown in.

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