Get a Free House

Can you get a free house? Unfortunately I haven’t found any free house trials or someone giving away house in return for putting a few advertising logos on your house. Who would want to live in a free house anyway with a big coca-cola label on the front? I did manage to find some people who managed to get a “free” house with their cleverness.

Get a Free House By Trading Stuff
In 2006, a blogger named Kyle MacDonald from Montreal was able to manage getting a free house from trading things. He started with a big red paper clip. He traded that for something else and something else until he ended up getting a free house. Not bad right? The size of his house? It’s a three-bedroom, 1,100-square-foot home which was provided by the town of Kipling, Saskatchewan. Though I wouldn’t want to live in Saskatchewan, that’s a pretty good way to turn a paperclip into cash.

Get a House By Blogging
Darren Rowse from wrote in a post about the housing that blogging bought. Hee wrote in this post about getting a house strictly from his Blogging earnings. His lovely wife let him quit his job and blog full time until he had the success he has today. Now he has a lovely small Australian house where he can continue his blog. Read his post here.

Get a Free House and Utilities by Selling Marijuana
According to This story happened about one year ago in 2006. MSNBC: “
From Florida to California, police say recent immigrants are being promised free housing. All they have to do is agree to secretly grow marijuana inside their new home.”

You can see the original broadcast Grow Marijuana Get a Free House on MSNBC.

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