Make More Money, Reasons to Work for Yourself

Do you want to make more money and work on your own time? The answer lies within your approach. How do you imagine making more money? The best solution is working for yourself. Work for yourself and you have the best potential to get rich. Here are some of the best reasons to work for yourself (and of course make more money in the process.)

Renting Vs Owning: Being the Boss Vs Being an Employee
Renting a house versus owning a house is like the difference between being your own boss and working for someone else. When you rent a house you pay to live in the house, but what happens when you stop renting? You don’t have anything. Lets say now that you bought a house, paid interest on it, but in any case you own the house. If you want to stop living there, you have something. You have a physical house something to show for it. You could rent the house out and continue to make profit. The main idea is, by owning something you still have value, by renting, someone else is getting your money.

Now take being the boss. The boss who owns the company, makes the decisions and the most profit. The lowly employee helps the boss get rich. Yes the employee gets paid, the employee works 9 to 5 and can support himself. But, who is really getting the better end of the deal? The employee is helping to build the bosses business. When they employee quits, he has experience, but what is the difference between 5 years and 10 years of experience? It is basically routine work. While experience can be good to get in the beginning, it can only go so far, so basically the employee quits and has nothing. The boss on the other hand can sell his business or keep it going, but in any case the employee helped to further build the bosses earnings.

Generating Passive Income
Why do you really need to work 8 hours per day? What if you could be generating income while just sitting at home? No I am not trying to sell a product, just trying to present an idea. By building something creative, say a website, you are making something that creates income even while you aren’t working on it. Take youtube for example. Users upload content onto the site and build youtube’s site bigger without anyone really having to do anything to youtube’s site. Think about Facebook. This social networking site was built up by the users. Without the users there would be no site. Facebook makes a profit even without having people punched in from 9 to 5. You need to be creative and come up with something that continually generates income even without you working on it. Consider my website. I can spend 20 minutes on my site, yet still gain 12 dollars in traffic.

Don’t Trade Your Hours for Dollars
Working in a normal 9 to 5 job is like trading your hours for dollars. You go to work for 7 hours and you earn 7 times whatever your hourly pay is. If you don’t punch in you don’t get paid. Does this make you a slave to the system? Could you stand up to your boss tomorrow? No most likely you will suck up to the boss in fear of losing that job. What does the boss have to fear? Nothing. Be your own boss and there is no one to fire you. You can work when you want there is no set time when you work for yourself. As a writer, I can work at 8 am or 8 pm, it is my choice and there is no one there to yell at me. In fact I only report to myself. I don’t deal with a hierarchy of bosses. If I want to attend a concert at 2pm I can go ahead and do so. Working under a system makes you a slave to the system. You have to balance your free time with your work load. But you know if you don’t go to work, then no paycheck. There are only so many hours in one day.

One Hour or Five Hours doesn’t matter
When working for yourself time doesn’t matter like it does when you work for someone. Lets say for example I have been writing this blog. It could have taken minutes or hours, but all the same people judge it based on the content, not what time I put into it. Create a unique business or service that people will want to use over and over. These blog post for example, get viewed more than one everyday. Even in a year from now, the post will still be and still has the potential to get viewed. I’m creating a product, one that doesn’t go away, and one that will continue to generate earnings whether I am punched in on the clock or not. So when I wrote this blog, do you know how much time I put into it? No and that doesn’t matter. So think of that great business idea and you won’t have to worry about 9 to 5, just how every much time it takes to get your great idea accomplished.

Risk equals return
Considering this, what kind of business would be profitable? That is the hard question and the biggest reason why most people choose to work 9 to 5. The money is guaranteed and the risk is minimal. Just remember risk=return. No risk=low return. Opening your own business is running a risk, while working for someone keeps life routine and risk free. That is your choice to make.

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