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This month has been a real turnaround for this blog. After months of turning just a small profit for lots of work, i’m finally able to reach some of my goals. Last month I made just $55 from google, after one great month I’ve tripled this amount as well as my traffic. I averaged around a hundred visitors per day last month. This month? I’ve sky rocked to 900 per day. Am I trying to brag? No. I’m just trying to show what can happen when you don’t give up. Stick with something and set goals. If you work hard enough, good things can happen.

Kontera: $36.53
Google: $162.27
Affliate Advertising: $13.60

Monthly Costs?
$.50 ($6 domain registration / 12)
Time and energy

I never expected huge things and don’t expect huge things for this blog, in fact, I only expect it to be able to pay a decent apartment. I’ve had my eyes set on a nice one in Tuebingen, Germany. Why Germany? Well it’s a nice place, but quite expensive (the US$ is worth nothing). I’d have to double my monthly earnings to afford the 4o0 euro place I’m thinking of.

The Apartment
Somewhere in this mess of housing is the apartment. This is the so called Tuebingen Skyline. This town is as German as you can get, minus the lederhosen.

Why Tuebingen? Well if you’d visit my other blog, The Life in Germany, you’d see that I’m rather keen on the place, that and the fact that my girl friend also studies there. I spent last summer wandering around there, and looking forward to getting back there. (I currently live in Michigan, The United States). Plus, the European Soccer Cup is next summer, and I don’t want to have to watch it from abroad. Just like the World Cup 2006, I was there in Germany.

Anticipating Keywords
One way to really raise your blog traffic (and income) is to anticipate keywords. I knew people would be looking for “Watch Nip/tuck Season 5 Online” so I wrote a post about it about a week back. Finally the first episode aired. My traffic doubled the next with people looking for “Watch Nip/tuck Season 5 Online”. Over one thousand people found my blog yesterday using that keyword.

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