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New Years Countdown, Fireworks, Germany?

Monday, December 31st, 2007

The last day of blog posting of the year? This is blog post 327 and the last for the New Year. How am I going to celebrate? Every year is almost the same, the New Years Countdown and Fireworks.

New Years Countdown in Germany
This is my first New Years in Germany and everything seems to be out and about here trying to buy supplies (especially fireworks) before tomorrow when all the shops will be closed. In Germany, all stores and grocery stores are closed on holidays and Sundays.

This year I will likely miss my favorite New York New Years Countdown due to the six hour time difference. I have no idea what the New Years count down in Germany is, something in Berlin? In any case, there will be plenty of champagne and good ol’ German Beer (best in the world?)

A time to reflect
This is a great time to reflect over the past year and figure out what we can improve on for next year. A few questions I ask myself are: What did I do wrong last year that I can fix this year? What goals do I have this year and how can I achieve them? I know plenty of people set new goals for the new year, whether it is losing weight, reading a book, or making more money. But, how many people actually stick with this goal after the first few weeks of the New Year? This year should be the year that you chart out your goals. Remind yourself of your goals everyday and visualize yourself achieving them. If weight loss is a goal, it helps to keep a picture of a skinnier attractive person you’d like to be come on your mirror. This way you are reminded everyday of your goal. If it’s money your after, why not glue a few hundred dollars bills on your mirror? Visualize your goals and you are more likely to achieve them.

For everyone, have a safe and great New Years Eve!

How many blogs do you write?

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

I’ve been asked multiple times, how do you make $2,000 in one month just using The answer is, I use multiple blogs to generate an income stream stream, not just one.

Multiply the income effect
Let’s say you write just one blog and manage to earn a whole $5 a day off it. Why not multiply that effect and create more blogs to try to earn another $5 per blog? In fact, I have 9 blogs. When you have 9 blogs you’ll realize that not all blogs are equal. There are losers and winners. Some make $1 per day, while others will make $30 per day.

Cut the losers
When you notice that you have some under performers, like my $1 a day earning blogs, maybe its time to cut the product. Like in retail business, not all products will succeed. Focus on your top performers, and just stop writing on your poor performers. The idea here is, generate multiple blogs, not just one. You won’t always succeed on your first idea. But don’t give up.

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How to Make Smart Decisions Quickly

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

Everyday we make decisions, many of which reflect we really are. The big question is, how do we make smart decisions that set us on the path to what we really want, and not towards something that makes us unhappy. How we pick the right decision quickly when giving two choices each which would lead us down a different path in life. Many people, even myself, will freeze up like a rabbit in headlights and be unable to decide which direction to go.

Smart Decisions Question: Is this really me?
One question you should ask yourself before making a decision quickly is, is this really me? Are you going to be happy with yourself in 2 months after you’ve made this decision? This can be applied towards almost all decisions you will make in your life. Take buying a new shirt for example. Are you buying this shirt just because it is on sale or will you really be happy with it in 3 months? Say we are being given a choice between two career choices. Think, which job will fit you and keep you happy for the long run. Money isn’t always the important factor that will keep you happy despite a job position that you don’t really like.

Smart Decisions Task: Give yourself adjectives
In order to figure what kind of person you really are, give yourself adjectives. Are you a risky person or a safe person? Are you socially active or more solitary? Now try to fit these adjectives to your current decision, does this decision fit with these adjectives you’ve used to define yourself? If you find that you these don’t fit, possibly you are making the wrong decision.

Smart Decisions Quickly: Example
I can think way back to July when I decide to get into blogging, I asked myself, what kind of blog should I write? I defined myself as a solitary person, who likes new cultures, and likes traveling. Therefore I started my first blog Although it pulls in significantly less money than, I enjoy writing this blog, so in the long run, it was a good decision. Since then I’ve asked myself that same question multiple times and came up with, and All of these blogs fit with my personality and interests. Nothing is worse than writing about something that doesn’t fit with you personally. How many are stuck in careers that pay excellent, but dread waking up to go to work everyday?

Just remember, money should not be an adjective that defines you, choose a meaningful way to describe yourself, decide if this fits with your decision and hopefully you will have made the right decision quickly.

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Earning Money Online, Making Cash 24/7

Friday, December 28th, 2007

What is so great about earning money online? The biggest benefit is the fact that you earn money 24/7. Even on Christmas, almost no “traditional” businesses were earning money, business online still were earning money online, though sales on Christmas are incredibly low compared to any other time of the year.

Online Businesses don’t have opening hours
Does ever really close? Does only earn money during certain hours of the day? The answer of course to both questions is no. The beauty of running your online business is, your business is always open for sales. Whether you write a blog and sell advertising space, or run your own shirt selling website, you are always open. Ok, some traditional brick and mortar business also never close, but during all 24 of those hours someone is there running the show. Those who run online business know that in order to keep their business running 24 hours a day, they only have to work a few hours to keep the business running all 24 hours.

The future of business?
I imagine a future of Brick and Mortar stores that don’t sell anything in the store, rather allow us to try products before we buy. Think showrooms. Clothes stores carry one size of each product in the store to try on before we order online. Grocery stores implement services like to deliver all the groceries we need right to our door. In this way, business won’t be defined by earning money only between certain hours of the day, rather by taking orders all day long and fulfilling these orders during the day. As we get rid of automation, i.e. cashiers and repetitive labor, things will run more efficiently and give everyone more time than they could ever imagine. What would you do with your day if you didn’t work 9 to 5, rather just a few hours everyday?

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