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My Reason for Blogging

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

1 year ago I didn’t even know what blogging was, and now I write multiple blogs and even freelance. This is why I started blogging and my main reason for blogging:

My Reason for Blogging
I met a nice exchange student during my last year of study and she was going to have to move back to Germany at the end of the semester. Fortunately, I had studied German, so the language wouldn’t be a problem. Rather, the main issue was money. I started to read about blogging and how people were making money just by writing. So I didn’t really believe the hype, but decided to give it a try anyway. At least it might earn me a little extra spending money while I blow all my money in Germany.

Looking for Jobs in Germany
At the beginning, blogging wasn’t really bringing any substantial income so I looked for jobs all throughout Germany. I ended up working on a U.S. army base in Stuttgart getting paid $7 per hour. This wasn’t really keeping me afloat. So, I kept working at blogging earning a little extra cash there. However, as hard as I tried I couldn’t find a real job. I have a degree in Marketing and know German well, but I just kept feeling that I was going no where.

I get a Big Reason for Blogging
After 5 months of floating around, I went home. I needed time to recuperate and try to get my head straight. A strange thing happened though. My blogs started to take off, I started to earn $600, then $1200, then $1800. Soon, I was able to consider blogging a “job”. From then on out I had real reasons for blogging.

Back to Germany
Now able to earn an income online, I flew back to Germany in December, (read about my arrival) and so here I am sitting in the small town of Tuebingen writing and looking back at my almost full year of blogging.

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Pay Per Play Advertising: Make Money

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

What if you could get paid for every visitor that visits your blog? Pay Per Play advertising (getting paid for every impression) is the new offer from Net Audio Ads, a company that aims to change the way we do advertising.

Pay Per Play
With Pay Per Play by Net Audio Ads, an audio ad will be played every time a visitor visits a website. These audio ads will be around 5 seconds long. Advantages? Every impression will earn money unlike programs like Google Adsense that pay per click. This means not having to worry about how many clicks your website receives.

The Downside of Pay Per Play
Some might find these 5 second audio ads annoying. For those of you like me who listen to internet radio don’t want to get interrupted by some 5 second ad about who knows what. Take those who have sleeping babies in the house. What better way to wake them up then by some annoying ad?

Ask Your Readers
I believe that these Pay Per Play audio ads by Net Audio Ads do have the potential to make easy extra money for website owners, yet ultimately I’d leave the question to your readers. Do they find it extra annoying or are the majority ok with it?

Affiliate Program
Even if you decide that Pay Per Play advertising is not the direction you want to take, consider their affiliate program. You will be be paid for every user you get to sign up under the program. If they use Pay Per Play, you will be paid a percentage of their earnings. So even if you don’t use Pay Per Play personally, you can still cash in from those who do.

Cheapest T-Shirt Websites: Shopping

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Where do you find the cheapest T-Shirts? On the following websites: they have some of the cheapest T-Shirts on the net all designed by exclusive artists. Artist of the week is only $13 with all prints being printed on American Apparel T-Shirts. If you missed the artist of the week, the shirt jumps up to $17. They ship worldwide so whether you live you can enjoy this great deal.
This woot T-Shirt site gives you a reason to check their site everyday. Everyday they feature a new T-Shirt that costs only $10. If you react too late you can still pickup most shirts still for $15 the day after the sale. Each day features a different shirt by a different artist.
T-Shirts ranging from $10 to $14 depending on the shirt. Shirts are all featuring clever sayings, something you can be proud to show your mommy.

Why buy T-Shirts from a website?
Who buys in the store anymore? This is the best way to save money and be unique, who needs a $25 Abercrombie T-Shirt that everyone else has?

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Save Money On Water, Toilet Hack: Save Money

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

I was searching for a better way to save money on water that I use for my toilet, a toilet hack, and I came up with some pretty gory results such as “Woman hacks up husband, flushes down toilet”. Ok, so to spare you the gory details, here are a few genuine ways to save money on water by modifying (hacking) your toilet.

Save Money on Water: Toilet Hack #1
You can use this little water money saver on any toilet, even at your friends house. According to,”If you have ever taken the lid off of a toilet, you know that there is a float ball in there that attached to a thin metal rod. This float balls level determines the water level within the toilets tank. Get in there, grab that rod, and bend it downward a little. Next time the toilet is flushed and the tank refills the water level is forever lowered (unless it is bent back of course).”

You could easily save your friend some extra cash on his water. They probably won’t even notice the difference. It is amazing how something so simply could make a difference in the long run.

Save Money on Water: Toilet Hack #2
Add a sink to your toilet. Seriously. After you flush, a whole bunch of new water is going to start filling up into your toilet bowl. You can use this clean water to wash your hands before it ends up in the bowl. Instructables will show you how to modify your toilet to have a sink on top. Check it out via this link.

Ok, so I have read about issues with this toilet hack using cold water, which doesn’t kill all the little bacteria remaining on your hands. But seriously, what better way to save all that water you so casually flush down the toilet everyday?

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