Freelancing: How to Earn Money Online, Find Freelance Jobs

Every month I’ve reported the sum of money I’ve earned from ClickforNick, though this amount sounds reasonable, $1800 last month, this doesn’t account the money I earn online online from freelancing. I’ve always had doubts about creating money from a personal blog alone, so I’ve found freelancing a great way to supplement the money I earn online.

Types of Freelancing
When I freelance, usually its writing. I write on such blogs as, posts just like I do on ClickforNick. The only difference is, freelancing jobs are a guarranteed way to earn money online. You sign a contract and can be certain that as long as you do your freelancing work, you will get paid a certain amount, unlike my own personal page where the amount I earn is dependent on my own advertising and marketing skills.

Where to find Freelance Jobs Online?
There are quite a few resources that will lead you a step closer to working online under a contract. Many find this work more rewarding as, creating your own site does not always pay out as well as most would think.
1. Read my post, finding freelance work online, a great resource for finding that first job.
2. Try such job site as problogger’s job board or

Freelance Jobs: Things to Keep in Mind
Though writing at home and getting paid sounds great, keep in mind that earning money online is not as cracked up as it seems to be. Most companies want well researched posts and proofread as well. By the time you’ve written your posts, you might discover you only earned $5 per hour. Most of my freelancing positions yield over $10 per hour. It all depends on how fast you can work and how well you can type.

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