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Yieldy, Adsense Alternative, Make Money Online

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Is google adsense treating you raw? Why not sign up with a new adsense alternative called Yieldly?

The site has already started out with a bang- Yieldy currently partners with over two thousand publishers, which contributes to over one billion monthly impressions. Payments are realized monthly via paypal, and the payment structure is based on CPM, CPC, and CPA.

It’s good to be realistic and realize that in the pursuit tomake money online, you will need alternatives to adsense. I tend to monetize my blogs with multiple ad companies rather than just one.

Income Report February 2008

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

I’m going on vacation tomorrow so my income report for is coming earlier than usual. This income report is my highest to date. After winning a contest, building a few new websites, and gaining a bunch of subscribers, I’m happy to report that I’ve set a new bar for my future income reports.

My Income for February 2008
Google: $1200
Kontera: $400
Adbrite: $500
Payperpost: $300
Contests: $1000
Linkworth: $300
Total: 3,700

Adbrite: I like adbrite, they pay more than twice per in text ad than kontera, yet it seems that every other day I have problem with Adbrite’s code.
Kontera: I dropped them this month because of their unusually low performance
Payperpost: I like them overall, but they can also be annoying when they deny your posts for no good reason. (However, you get a chance to fix the “mistake”)
Contests: I won IZEA’s top blogger contest. Since I was the top blogger, with the most traffic in the first week of February, I was awarded a nice $1000.
LinkWorth: I’m still experimenting, but I can expect to earn more with them next month.

My advice for increasing your month income report
1. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Your current ad placement is most likely not the best. I’ve noticed so many high traffic sites reporting less than $1000 a month in income. Even over at sampleaday we receive only 700 page impressions per day, yet we still managed to earn $200, and that is using only one ad program.
2. Use multiple ad programs! Can your blog survive the loss of your major advertising program like adsense? Don’t risk it!
3. Post everyday. Inconsistent posting equals inconsistent viewers…

How to Check Your Email Less Often

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Want to start checking your email less often? Email is a great way to lower productivity, and by following the following steps, I’ve been able to decreased the amount of time I spend checking my email, and increase the amount of free time I have at the end of the day.

1) Create multiple e-mail addresses for specific types of e-mail -I like to set my email up as,, and have all my mail forwarding to one mailbox.

2) Check your email only once a day. Sounds hard, but if it’s an emergency, you’d probably get a call anyway right?

3) Set an auto response that tells those who emailed you that your mail is checked only at 3 pm (or anytime you prefer).

“I only check my mail at 3 pm. I will be checking my mail at this time and respond to your email in the order in which it was received”

By checking your mail more often, you aren’t doing much more than wasting your time. Check it less often and see how much more time you have left in your day.

Pay Per Post requirements lessened

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Pay Per Post, a company of IZEA, has lessened the requirements needed to join their network. You used to need now only too have had a blog for one month and at least ten posts to join. Previously the requirements was three months, limiting the number of blogs who could join.

Pay Per Post needs bloggers?
What I think is that Pay Per Post must be in desperate need for some new bloggers by cutting down their restrictions by 2 months. Pay Per Post can however be a great option for new bloggers to get some easy money. Even if you write one or two $5 posts per month, you can easily pay back the cost of hosting. Since starting their program I’ve gotten about $1000 over the course of a few months. Though not all bloggers want to read paid posts, I think it’s only fair since I provide my articles for free.

You can start now and Get Paid To Review This Post You’ll get seven dollars and be able to pay back the cost of your domain name.