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In Text Advertising Options, Types of In Text Advertising

Monday, March 31st, 2008

In Text Advertising is a great to increase revenue for your blog. There are plenty of types of in text advertising that might be suitable. There is often the debate whether in text advertising simply turns off visitors enough not to revisit your website. I’ve used intext advertising for months without a problem. I’d suggest trying it out and if you notice major drops in traffic, then of course naturally removing your in text advertising.

Types of In Text Advertising
Chitika Lynx Ads – I use this on many of my blogs. Chitika pays well and has a good turnover rate, but many have complained that the ads are too aggressive. Sign Up

Kontera – I’ve used Kontera for plenty of my blogs, yet they seem to pay out quite low, as low as .02 cents per click.

Intellitxt - I’ve never used Vibrant Media’s Intellitxt simply because they have tough restrictions to being accepted into their ad program.

Amazon Associates - Another text link ad program, but rather than pay per post, associates earn up to 10% in referral fees on all qualifying revenue made through their links.

Adbrite - I had plenty of problems, but when Adbrite works, they pay quite well. Definately worth a try if it works for your site. They offer also other pay per click solutions including banner and text link ads.

Responsible Blogging, How to Blog Responsibly

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Blogging comes with responsibility and blogging responsibly is one of the first steps toward blogging with credibility. It’s not as easy as just stealing articles and quoting them. The following is the list of what I call guidelines to responsible blogging.

* Get Correct Facts: Information spreads so fast, so fast that often information becomes distorted as it is passed from person to person. Often as it goes down the trail, the wrong information gets passed along. Before writing a hot story, do a little research to make sure hat you wrote is even true. Even I have been guilty of un reponsible blogging and writing information that had little truth to it.

* Remember the Copyright Law: Though we do have the right of free speech, you can’t just go around publish content from other people, even if there is no copyright on the page. Besides, you work hard, it’s not fair for someone to just outright steal your work. Keep in mind, you can be sued for publishing information that isn’t yours, including photos!

* Consider the implications: Even though tomorrow is April first, consider that what you write might be taken literally. What you write has even the ability to damage someone’s career.

* Delete bad comments: Control your comments. Don’t just let anything slide through. I’ve been known to edit my comments to delete swear words and false information.

* Give credit: Credit your sources. Don’t just say sources include:,, you need to actually point out in the article where that information was taken.

* Tax Laws: Pay your taxes. Blogging isn’t just free money without having to pay taxes.

6 Biggest Blogger Mistakes

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Here are some of the 6 biggest mistakes that bloggers make.  I myself struggled with a few of these blogger makes from the start.

1. Not launching your blog: Just thinking about getting your blog finished, but never actually doing anything. You might have a nice template, but where are your articles?

2. Using a sub-domain (ex: If you want to blog, then blog right. Buy your own domain name, don’t send traffic to other websites. Get a .com, .info, .tv, anything besides

3. Avoid spending way too much time on design: I’ve done this personally. You spend ours picking out the design, so long tat you actually never get anything done. Just pick one for now. They are easy to change. You’ll probably want to change any blog design in the future anyway. Write great content, then worry about the design.

4. Keeping your blog a secret: Don’t feel embarrassed to tell your friends. They should be supportive anyways. Expect the first days to be hard. It takes google at least a week to inde x your blog, you won’t have any traffic, and the only way people are going to be able to read your stuff is by telling people directly.

5. Giving up too early: Things take time, don’t give up. Like they always say, Rome wasn’t built in one day. Neither was Google. Give it six months, and then think about giving up.

6. Putting ads too early: There is a lot of debate on this issue, whether to put ads on your blog from the start, or to wait until you have real traffic. I put ads on my blog right from the start. I think users might find it awkward to just visit your website one day and see blaring ads everywhere…

Don’t Host Your Business Blog on Blogspot

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

I’ve noticed businesses hosting their blog on blogspot!  Hosting your business blog on blogspot is a terrible idea!  Here are a few reason why not to host your business blog on blogspot:

1. Google gets enough traffic: All you are doing by getting a blogspot domain for your business is further helping google gain more traffic they really don’t need.

2. Transferring your data is not easy: Blogger hosts all your data and getting everything transferred is not easy.  Though I was successful transffering from Blogspot to Blogger, it’s not always so easy.

3. Crappy Setup: With blogger you don’t get many options.  You can really add addons besides for widgets.  You can’t upload any files to their server.

4. Start right from the start:  The investment is not expensive.  $10 at the most for a domain per year, plus free to $6 per month hosting.  Plus, you can claim this against you taxes.