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How to Steal Internet Wifi access, be a leech

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Stealing wifi internet access is definitely a way to be a leech, getting internet for free, while your poor neighbor pays for access.

Arguments for stealing internet wifi access
In the case that people leave their wifi signals open for anyone to log in, you might argue that it’s fair game, their signal crossed into your property. I’ve used this argument for the last few years, getting even free internet access in my apartment. But, if you’ll remember a case a few years ago, a guy was arrested for stealing internet from his car outside someone’s house. Ok, so it’s a bit different when some guy drive up in his car than stealing wifi from behind the comfort of you own home…

Ways to Steal Password Protected Internet Wifi
These methods are very questionable, legal wise, but still they will allow you to break through almost any password protected wifi router. Air Crack NG is one method for breaking through that password. You’ll find a guide here that will take you step by step through the process. Keep in mind that not everyone’s wireless router will be wifi

Get Wifi Internet Access Free, Legally
You don’t want to pay, and you don’t want to steal (you angel), well your next best option, coffee shops, libraries… or even malls. So it sucks leaving the comforts of home, but keep this in mind. It’s like being social while surfing the internet. I’ve often just gone to a coffee shop to do my work since I feel a lot less alone, and sometimes I even meet some cool people!

Coming up With New Writing Topics

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Everyday I have to come up with plenty of New Writing Topics, but how do I decide what to write?  If I don’t have a writing topic already in mind, what do I do?   My day for coming up with new writing topics begins as the following:

1. Check my RSS Feeds – I’ve subscribed to tons of RSS feeds from all kinds of genres

2. Do a blog search – offers a great way to search through relevant blog posts on any topic.  Choose from blog posts within the last 24 hours or only those in the last week for relevant information.

3. Check News Sites – Another great search option is  This will allow you to search through news topics on a large variety of sites, not just yahoo’s.

4. Write Your Life - If you absolutely don’t have anything to write about, just write your life in some sort of simply, maybe funny story.   Readers like to hear about the writer behind the work sometimes too.

5. Last Resort - If I feel sick, can’t write or just have no motivation, I post a YouTube Video.  Everyone likes videos, and it’s an easy way to add new content to your site.

Sure everyone is a new a day and I’ve got to come up with new writing topics, but with my 5 step approach there’s always something to write about…

Getting Motivated, Easy Motivation Tips

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Do you ever feel there is a need to get motivated, that there is this motivated person dwelling inside you ready to unleash onto the world?

Anchoring Motivation to a Trigger
Tony Robbins talks a lot about motivation.  According to Tony one of the keys to motivation is something called state management.  This is basically anchoring your emotions to some sort of physical trigger.  When Tony pounds on his chest, he is essentially trigger his feeling of motivation.  They key is to tie in some sort of physical action with the feeling of motivation.  This may even mean hitting your fists together or simply butting your tongue, who knows.

Intellectual Motivation
You might set a goal to increase your website traffic by 20%.  But, is there some sort of intellectual level of thinking that is stopping you?  Maybe you don’t even really like making websites at all.  If you try to become successful at activities you don’t enjoy, your chances of successful motivation to achieve them will be minimal. If you are cook at a restaurant, but all you want to do is be a musician’s, your attempts at successful cooking may be frazzled simply because it’s not really what you want to do.

If you try to set a goal in your activity, yet you really long to do something else, your mind is going to fight against you.

Why Am I Unmotivated
If you feel like you are fighting against yourself, ask yourself simply “Why am I feeling unmotivated to achieve this goal?”.   Make a list of reasons which may be working against you.  Maybe you’re just letting some simple fears or excuses from holding you back.

Izea’s Izea Blogging Fest 2008

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

Izea is having their first blogging fest for 2008 on September 11th till the 13th over in Orlando, Florida.  Nice for Izea since they are already located in Florida… but this will be a great chance to connect with other bloggers, meet some of your favorite bloggers, and even learn how to become a become a better blogger. Speaking at the Fest will be Merlin Mann.

Merlin Mann
Merlin Mann is the creator of the website 43 folders which has had a  lot of success.  It’s read daily by over 50,000 people via it’s popular RSS feed.  His work is also published in WIRED, Make, Popular Science, Mac World…

I started liking IZEA after they sent me a nice $1000 check for winning their February blog contest… The money which of course pays school loans and… beer?