Grow Your Own Vegetables: Save Money?

The price of vegetables goes up and everyone decides that growing their own vegetables will save them money. Yes growing your own vegetables will save you money. But, is it worth the time and effort?

The Balance of Trade
If we follow the basic principles of supply and demand isn’t it more efficient for everyone to specialize in the things they’re good at rather than having everything grow their own vegetables, create their own clothes, build their own cars? To one benefit, if more people grow their own stuff, the price of vegetables will decrease as we have an increased supply and less demand… It’s basic economics 101.

The Money Saved Growing Your Own Vegetables reported: “If you buy $2 worth of corn seeds, you’ll get about 50 ears. That would cost you about $25 dollars at the grocery store. One tomato plant that costs $2.50 cents will give you about 30 dollars worth of tomatoes.”  Of course NBC24 isn’t considering the cost of the time and energy needed to grow your own vegetables.  Should we hire our own personal backyard farmers too?

Ok, so actually growing vegetables can be fun and most people won’t find it a job.  Plus, growing your own stuff is most likely much healthier than that modified stuff you’ll find in the store.

So I don’t have a yard, can I grow my own vegetables in a pot?
Actually you can, as RockyMountainNews reported: “A vegetable garden planted in a container can be attractive and productive. The first step is to select the site for your container. Most vegetables require full sun to be productive, so look around your property for an area that will take full advantage of the sun’s rays.”  Keep in mind that the bottom of your pot should have holes from draining, otherwise the roots are going to drown.

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