The end of Cashiers? Automated Cashier Business

Are we moving towards technology that will effictively end cashiers, making business automated and with less human contact?

The end of Video Rental Cashiers
Already we’re seeing the end of  video rental stores with services like RedBox, and other little video vending machines that operate like a video rental store, all in one little box.  How can a video store that takes up space and needs to pay cashiers even compete?  Maybe it’s the extra human touch that matters…

The end of Post Office Cashiers
Why do you honestly even need to go to the post office anymore?  It can all be doneredbox online.  Not only that, but most post offices have mailing machines let you buy your stamps and mailing supplies all from an automated machine.

The end of Convience Stores?
Belgium created Shop24 an automated convienence store that runs itself.  It has many of the same things you’d find right in a normal gas station kiosk, but no one has to be there to cashier the system.

The end of Supermarket Cashiers?
Already we’ve got self checkout machines in Supermarkets where we checkout ourselves.  One employee can monitor 12 lanes.

Automated Fast Food
New Yorkers already have an automated fast food restaurant called Bamn!  It serves out food out of a vending type system and is open all day long.  Bamn! located at at 37 St. Marks Place between Second & Third Ave serves mini burgers, fried chicken, pork buns, dumplings, and more.  Everything at Bamn is made fresh throughout the day.


Will we have to eventually switch to a more socialist system just to make up for the many employees that won’t have jobs?  As the inventors get rich what happens to the people who were employed at this wiped out sector of labor?

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