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Build Your Own Motorized Bike, Build a Moped

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

Looking at the high gas prices, I’ve decided to build my own motorize bike, turning my bike into a moped. Why build my own? Price is of course a factor, but there is also some pride in building my own.

Tools to build your own motorzied Bike
1. Buy a kit: There are plenty of motorized Bike kits out there on eBay that will get the job done. Try this kit or just look on ebay for Motorized Bike Kit. There usually run about $200.
2. Buy a Chainsaw and build you own custom motorized bike: Try to get a chainsaw between 40 and 50cc (so you won’t need pay insurance). Try watching this 3 part series about how to build your own.

After completion you’ll have a bike that gets even 150 miles per gallon and if you run out of gas, you could always pedal the rest of the way. All in all it’s a great way to turn your cheap bike into a fast mode of transportation.

One Year of Blogging On Click for Nick

Friday, May 30th, 2008

It’s been one year of writing and blogging for click for nick and it’s time to celebrate the last year of my first year of blogging.

My first post,, Find Your Music Without P2P, was written when I had no idea what to blog about, I just sort of found blogging to write about what I knew. At this point I had no idea about finding traffic, social posting, or even making money from a blog.

My Blogging One Year Later
Now I’m making over $3,000 per month, have created multiple successful websites and have been receiving job offers for as high as $60,000 per year. It’s strange what one beginning can lead to.

The Trick?
Find something you love doing and continue doing it. Keep thinking forwards and never be satisfied. I wasn’t satisfied with just Click for Nick dot com, rather I set put to create site after site trying to maximize and earn as much as I possibly could. So far I’ve been successful and enjoy the fruits of my labor, I’ve traveled, seen Europe and continue to earn more and more each month. Just another how hard work and perseverance can pay off.

Will this be me tomorrow?

blogging celebration

Gadgets That Will Save You Money

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Save Money

In the world of things that cost more money, these gadgets will actually save you money without effecting your lifestyle.

Bottled Water Filter
This is a sports bottle with a filter built right on. If you are like me and like to buy filtered water, you’ll actually save money with this gadget.

Rechargable Batteries
I never buy batteries. Buying rechargeable costs so much less than buying new batteries. Plus, rechargable batteries are much better for the environment.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
These little bulbs look a lot cooler than normal light bulbs, plus they use a lot less electricity.

Efficient Water Heads
Not only will you use less water with one of these shower heads, but you’ll save electricity too. How? Less water being used also means less water being heated up.

Low Flow Toilets
Another water saver… I know these often get a bad rap, but really there are some pretty decent low flow toilets out there. Try Toto brand toilets, just make sure the toilet is labeled WaterSense, the seal for low water usage toilets.

A Scooter
You, like many, probably complain about the gas prices and the money you can’t save due to the high costs of gas. Well a Scooter can do the trick. It’ll get you around town at 30mph, and if you get a 50cc model or lower you won’t even need to pay insurance on it. But the biggest advantage is the 80+ mpg you’ll be getting with your moped. Of course you’ll also cut down on the miles you add to your car.

Rising Costs = Forced to Save
As I’ve traveled through Europe, I’ve seen plenty of money saving practices that I’ve yet to see in the US. Simply Europe is forced to cut back due to the costs of almost everything, especially gas! I’d never seen as many bikes as I’ve seen chained up in Amsterdam. Almost every toilet in Europe is a low flow toilet. Or try Venice, I’ve found plenty of hole in the ground toilets.

Of course at $4 a gallon, I’ve noticed people simply don’t drive as much, and more and more bikes seem to be appearing. Is there a breaking point where you realize it doesn’t make sense to always drive my car? There certainly is, and with driving costing what it does I believe many would rather stay home than take their car out for a spin.

Being Self Independent, Not Relying On Others

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Honestly being self independent is a virtue.  Not having to rely on the opinion of others is more than important.  Do you really have to make each decision by going through a chain of friends and family?

Financially Self Independent
Of course it’s hard to be independent when you rely on others for money.  Avoiding debts with other people makes you in control over your own life.  How can you really be independent if you have to go through someone just to get funds to do what you want?   Should someone decide what is ok and not ok for you to spend you money on?

Being Socially Independent
Socially Indepedent means not relying on the opinions of others.  Do you act a certain way just because you are afraid of what your social group is going to say about it.  Of course it’s hard to be unique and independent when you always have to make sure what you do is popular or fashionable.

Loss of an Independent Self = Unhappiness
I’ve been in these such relationships where I’ve relied on the other person for their opinion on everything, overall we both ended up being unhappy.  The same way that nations have fought to become independent from a foreign land telling them what to do, we too can become our own independent selves.

Of course people like to do the things you want to do, and you certainly won’t have these freedoms until you start thinking for yourself and living for yourself, not other people.