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Making a Million Dollars Before Age 20

Monday, June 30th, 2008

It sounds like a dream, but more and more kids are making a million dollars before they even hit the age of 20?  How?  These Million Dollar kids are creating their own businesses before they even go to college.  Just look at the stories of a few million dollar kids…

Adam Hildreth started his own Internet marketing and security business when he was only 14 years old. He led the firm called Dubit Limited for four years, becoming one of the richest teens in the UK back in 2004 when he had a net worth of $3.7 million dollars.

Catherine Cook at age 15 and her 17 year old brother Dave convinced their older brother Geoff to invest $250,000 and his time to help them launch MyYearbook even managed to raise $4.1 million from U.S. Venture Partners and First Round Capital. Now the site is worth well over 1 million.

Some other kids who made a million dollars before the age of 20 include Ashley Qualls who created was offered 1.5 million for her site and a car, but she declined the offer.

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Germany VS Spain Euro Cup 2008

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

It’s time for the finale of Germany VS Spain for the Euro Cup.  Though this has nothing to do with SEO.  It’s got a lot of fans wondering just who will win the Euro Cup for 2008.  Whats your choice?  Spain, with it’s missing leading goal scorer, but determination to get their first cup since the 60s, or Germany with it’s injured Michael Ballack?

My opinion?

Though I have a lot of history with Germany and I probably should root for Germany, I’ve had plenty of negative experiences in Germany, enough so that I’m hoping for the princes of Spain to win the championship.

I had the opportunity to visit Spain in 2006 where I visited Barcelona, a great city, and then took a ship to Mallorja a small island off the coast.

Of course if you didn’t know I have a lot of history with Germany as well.  I’ve studied the German language for countless years,  lived there for over a year, and dated a German girl.

Still I have to choose Spain after everything.  They have had an outstanding time in the tournament just cruising through all the teams.  Germany has had to struggle losing to Croatia, and almost losing to Turkey in the quarter finals.

Summer Blogging Traffic Declines

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

The summer is here, and though it’s not hot everywhere around the world, this is usually the season that the internet experiences a decline.  Of course this depends on your topic, but in general summer is when people get off the laptop and head outdoors for the warmer weather.

What to do when your blogging is yielding less traffic?

Don’t worry.  When September comes along, things pick back up.  College kids go back to school.  Generally I’ve just noticed that in the fall, I recieve a lot more traffic than during the summer months.  Just continue to blog, build up a good selection of posts.  Once things start picking back up, you can refer back to those posts in the fall.

Improve Your Blog

You can use this time to improve your blog.  Could  you make your layout better?  Design a new logo?  Start designing a new ad campaign?

Take Time to Reflect

If you’ve been blogging for a longer period of time, this is a good time to reflect the direction your blog has been headed in.  What are your goals for the upcoming months?   What could you improve on?


Enjoy the sunshine, drink a cocktail, and get a tan.  Don’t turn into a white ghost from blogging all throughout the summer!

How to Advertise With Craigslist Without Getting Banned

Friday, June 27th, 2008

One of the best tools to advertise a new website is Craigslist.  Already, spammers have dominated the personals section of Craiglist.  You’ll realize that almost any personal that you respond to on Craigslist will almost always end up with a disappointing spam response. How do all these spammers advertise with Craiglist without getting banned from the system? Using the right tricks, you too can take advantage of the free advertise space that Craigslist offer.

Properly posting your advertisement with Craigslist

For each advertisement I write, I write them a bit differently.  Try writing 3 or 4 version of the ad to post. This helps prevent you from getting flagged by Craigslist and getting all your articles banned.

How Often to Post on Craiglist

Craiglist looks at your IP and less at your email account.  For good practice I keep about 5 seperate emails and change my email each time I create a new post.  I’d say go no higher than 5 postings at a time with 5 emails on one IP (assigned by your internet provider).  If you want to post more, find another internet connection or get a proxy.

Where to Post on Craiglist when you Advertise?

This depends on the website.  For my new BustaBlog website, I post it in the writing section of craigslist.  For SampleaDay free samples, I post on the free stuff section of Craiglist.  The biggest factor is making your ads not look like spam, because if there is the slightest hint that your ad is spam, Craiglist will quickly ban it.

What to Keep in Mind?

Post too fast and all your hard work might go to waste.  Take it slow, look less spammy and your advertisement campaign will pay off.