Making Money Online: Being More Productive With Time

When making money online, no longer are you stuck to getting paid hourly, rather you get paid based on the performance of what you do.  Still often we get stuck thinking on that hourly mindset when making money online.  My friends still ask, how much do you get paid per hour?  The correct response is, I don’t get paid hourly, I get paid based on performance.

How Much Does Time Matter?
Does it matter whether I spent 1 hour or 10 minute writing this article?  All that matters is the end result.  If all my articles earn money, that’s the important thing.  Just because at your job you work overtime, doesn’t necessarily make you a better employee.  If your counterpart gets it done in half as much time, but gets paid less because they didn’t work overtime, aren’t you costing the company money?

What Do You Do When Working?
What most people call “working” is usually a day of work and distractions.  Do you check your email every hour, get up to get coffee, take phone calls?  All of these activities are not contributing to “work”.   It’s also important to seperate the amount of time you were actually “working” vs the time you spent doing non productive activities.

Students fall into this trap while studying.  They’ll be “studying” yet at the same time there is music playing, and constant phone interruptions.

Being More Productive
If you could cut out any extra distractions, and even minimize checking your email to twice a day, when you wake up, and when you finish work, think how much time you could save.  The trick is, putting what’s important first (what’s ultimately going to lead to you earning cash) first, and all those time wasting activities second.  It’s true that when are job is relatively boring we crave a little distraction, but doesn’t this make the job even longer?

Ways To Measure Your Time Working
Think of time as a set of tasks, working more doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll earn more money.  Extra time spent only makes sense if it’s necessary.

Remember productivity means getting more done in less time.  The more you work and waste time doing things unrelated is simply going to cut on your productivity time.

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