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How to Improve Employee Moral? Stop Being a Dick

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

What don’t employers not understand?  Employees work harder when moral is high, and it’s pretty hard to have high moral when the boss acts like a dick.  People don’t mind being stuck in soul crushing jobs as much when the work environment is fun and their boss is… NICE!

Improve Employee Moral?  Fire all your dicks, and replace them with good people FUN people.

The Onion News: “In what is being called a breakthrough discovery in worker-administrator relations, a study released Monday in the Journal Of Occupational Science found that not being a total asshole supervisor may be linked to improved worker spirit. “In nearly every trial, we found staff morale runs considerably higher when bosses don’t read workers’ e-mail over their shoulders, complain about their superior salaries, or act in any way like giant, self- centered assholes,” said Erica Gorochow, one of the study’s researchers. “Similarly, we found that typical dick manager phrases like ‘I don’t disagree’ can weaken worker disposition by as much as 63 percent.”

No one cares about the car you can afford that no one else can, or your beach front property…

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How to Become Internet Famous? Ask Julia Allison

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

It used to be seldom that one became famous, using having to be a movie star or even a talented something, like an athlete.  Now it’s getting easier to be famous, internet famous that is, and Julia Allison knows all about self promotion.

So just who is this “internet famous” Julia Allison?  How did she became internet famous?

Julia Allison created a website, which led to her internet fame.  Her new Web site, shares almost every waking moment of Allison’s life. Visitors to Julia Allison’s site can follow her schedule of parties, see her fancy dinners as well as photos of her latest outfits or even read her advice in dating.

Sounds a whole lot like sex and the city doesn’t it? Whatever the case, Julia Allison’s readers love it, and even when she is walking around New York City, she’ll sometimes be followed by crowds of people making some others ask, who is this Julia Allison, and why is she so famous?

How can you become Internet Famous?
Spread your name across the internet as far as you can.  Blog about your life, share your pictures, and write content that readers want to read.  You could take out a google ad just promoting yourself.

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Purchase Internet Property in a Game?

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

An internet gamer bought internet property… in a computer game. Just imagine, he blew $26,500 on an island that exists only in a computer role-playing game (RPG). The game called Project Entropia, an RPG which allows thousands of players to interact with each other.

So what’s so great about this virtual island? It includes a gigantic abandoned castle and beautiful beaches which should be great for developing as beachfront property.

What are they gamer’s plans?
He plans to make money from the island like an investment as he taxes other games who come to his land to hunt or mine for gold.

Is the Matrix coming true?
Are we all going to be players in a game one day that simulates real life? I wouldn’t mind, as long as everything is free, and I can drive cars extremely fast without any fear of death when I flip it over.

Knol Ranks Good in Google

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Who is surprised that Google’s new Knol answers system is ranked well, with some results taking the top of the keyword ranks?  Though it’s another great reason to use Google Knol to write articles linking back to your website, it’s a shame that Google would break it’s algorithms to make it’s own services worth much more, though when haven’t they done something like this?

There’s been talks about bloggers abandoning Adsense out of protest, but how much can you really fight the one place that gives you money and traffic?  It seems that Google, the top dog, can play by it’s own rules.

Often when it comes to duplicate content, SEO Book found that by actually copying his articles entirely and then posting them to Google Knol, the Knol results were ranked better.

The fact of the matter is, Google favors it’s own inhouse content better.  Strategy?  Rather than complaing, use the system to your advantage.  Use Google Knol and link back to your site.