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Sunday, August 31st, 2008

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How to Be More Productive, Increase How Productive You Are

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

Being productive can mean everything for a business and it should be important for you as well.  There are plenty of easy ways to be more productive using a few tolls of the trade, which will increase how productive you are.

Productive Tool 1: An Organizer

I keep an organizer that keeps track of all the things I am supposed to do for the week as well as instant reminds to help remind me just what I was suppose to do.   My organizer is my smart phone which has all my contacts, important word documents as well as reminders.

Productive Tool 2: A Messenger Bag

Having a bag preloaded with the goods you need, can be a gift sent from heaven.   On the go, you have everything you need in one bag. Mine holds my laptop, notebook and pens.

productive tool

Productive Tool 3: Know Your Wifi

I have good indication where I can go for free wifi if I ever really need to use the internet, unless you have started using 3g networks or have a decent cell phone service, you’ll be better off knowing where the free wifi is.

Productive Tool 4: GPS

Get Places Smart is what I would rename GPS, since without it, you make one wrong turn and you are lost.   I can’t count up all the time I’ve saved using GPS. Let’s face it, maps are old school.  If you have GPS you shouldn’t need to carry a map.  You’ll get instant direction and almost eliminate that feeling of being lost.

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Advertising Sex on the Internet?

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

We’ve seen them advertise free sex, paid sex on ebay, and now it’s even free oral sex from some guy in Louisville. We hope he’s not serious but most likely he is, advertising his free sex services online.

As stated on this guy’s site: “Since every woman is different in her wants and needs, I am offering FREE ORAL SEX to any woman who qualifies that e-mails me or signs up. No matter how good I may have been told that I am at my hobby, I know that everyone needs to constantly practice at anything they take pride in doing. ”

Good idea? We don’t think it will work, it seems pretty creepy, and I’m not sure I would want to live near that dude…