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Apple Brick Photos Online, Review Of Apple Brick

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Apple does it again with the Apple Brick, a laptop with two screens and no keyboard (just look at the Apple Brick Photos!)  Instead of the keyboard we get a touch screen!  Just how is this gonna work? Already like the Apple Brick, Apple opted to include no slide out keyword with the Apple iPhone and touch.

Even better is the way that the Apple Brick can be even used as a book, by holding the Apple Brick the way you would read a book.  Apple is experimenting even more heavily with touch screens and this should change the way we use laptops.

apple brick

apple brick

Image via oled-tv

Million Dollar Blog Posts, Highest Paying Posts

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Have you heard of the million dollar blog post?  It’s part of your highest paying posts.  That post you wrote 1 year ago, but continues to generate traffic well beyond.  I have some 200 word blog posts that continue to generate high paying profits (not a million), but even $1000 for 200 words.

What I generally mean is, any website will notice that it has a few blog posts that continue to generate money well beyond the date when they were written. (thanks to search engines.)

If you write an article that 1) gets placed well in Google, 2) is targeted toward a highly searched keyword, and 3) manages to remained ranked well in Google for a long time, then you’ve got yourself a “million dollar blog post.”

Effort and Quantity of Your Blog Posts

Effort for blog posts is not equally rewarded.  You might have spent 10 minutes on one article that earns you $1000, and 1 hour on a post that earns you $10.  How can we discover these $1000 posts? Quantity.  Someone who writes 10 blog posts per month can’t expect to get that many articles appearing in the search engine, whereas someone writing 10 articles per day, will have plenty of chances to find that “milion dollar” post.

A really awesome way to fashion out your wealth

blog posts

Image via Tyson Dennien

Scary Internet Ads Online

Monday, September 29th, 2008

There are some ads out there that just scare me.  These scary internet ads were created as a way to advertise something, but do they get the point across when they just plain out scare you?  Take this chick on this ad who just plain scares me.  Do women want to be super macho like her? Or is that a man?

scary internet ad

How to Find Good Blog Topics

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Everyday it can be a struggle to find good topics to blog about, and it would be harder if I didn’t use a few tools for finding some good blog topics to write about.  Here are a number of tools for finding some good blog topics to write about:

1. Subscribing to RSS Feeds to find Good Blog Topics

Keep yourself informed with news similar to what you’d write about, by subscribing to other blogs with topics similar to your own.  This is a good way to keep informed everyday and see what everyone else is blogging about.  I personally use iGoogle to keep track of website feeds.

2. Using Google Anayltics to Find Good Blog Topics

Google Analytics will tell you how people found your site on search engines.   I’ll use searched keywords to discover it really have effictively covered that topic or not.  In fact even this post “How to Find Good Blog Topics” I noticed it had been searched for yet, I had no effectively covered the topic.

3. Using Keyword Tools to Find Good Topics

I currently prefer SeoBook’s Keyword tool to discover new blog topics.  It’ll take your one word phrase and find the top searched phrases for a given keyword.  Use these phrases to find good topics to write about.

good blog topics

Image via midnightglory