Is duplicant content penalized for blogs?

One of the most puzzling questions when making blogs is whether you will be penalized for creating duplicant from other sites, whether it’s content you own, or just stealing.  From my experience, there is no easy answer to whether you will be penalized.

1. You can get Google to index duplicant content in it’s search engine, occasionally beating out the original article, if your verison has better seo.

2. It’s asummed that Google won’t penalize your entire blog for duplicant content, rather individual blog posts might not get placed under duplicate articles in Google.

3.  From what I’ve had happened in the past, eventually Google will catch up with your duplicate articles are start taking them out of the search index, quickly killing your traffic.

If you need to use duplicate articles, it can be successful, but we suggest rather focusing on new content, and if it needs to be duplicate, simply rewrite it so Google thinks it is a new article.

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