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Adsense Income Report November 2008

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

My adsense income report is coming one day earlier, since the weekend seems the best time to take care of my earnings for the last month, and since I felt it was needed to celebrate this extraordinarily high income report.

Income Report for November 2008:
Adsense: $4,500.92
Infolinks: $1,308.54
Chitika: $100
Total: $5,908

This was my highest income report ever, even though I find myself with less time to focus on my websites.  Since working a second job on top of this income, I’ve had to find ways to better use my time, sometimes working two jobs at the same time (not recommended).

The biggest thing I’ve learned is, keep time for your blogs.  Even if you have other things to do, take the time to update at least once per day.  Google will give your blog better search results the more it is constantly updated.

Wii for $99 for Cyber Monday, Cyber Monday Deals

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

This Cyber Monday make sure to be on the lookout for the Wii deal for $99. This cyber monday eCost is selling a Wii system for $99 each day for 10 days. The deal started on Thanksgiving night and is still continuing. Selling one Wii at a random time throughout the day.

You will have to get lucky and see the Wii Deal and then purchase it. Normally a Wii sells for $300 or more making this one sweet deal.

eCost will offer one Wii for $99 each day for 10 days, beginning Thanksgiving night (November 27, 2008). The first will be sold some time between 8 and 10 pm, November 27, 2008, while rest of the Wiis will be sold at random times, 1 Wii per day, over the following 9 days.

You’ll find the deal at the eCost bargain countdown section via this link

Blogging in Indian Crisis Situation, Role Of Blogging in the Media

Friday, November 28th, 2008

Anyone who payed attention to the recent terrorism in India might have noticed how CNN actually used pages written by bloggers to help give people a better idea what is going on.  A blogger’s photos also uploaded in Flickr also helped show the general audience what was actually going on.

Thanks to blogging we can actually get personal accounts of world events as they happen.  Thanks to those who take pictures of the incidents we can see personal photos of the events that unfold.

Thanks to bloggers who personally report such crisis situations as which recently happened in India, we have more sources than just traditional media like CNN from which to gather information.  The power is now in the hands of the bloggers and they now have a medium from which they can get their message across.

How to Compare Local Store Prices

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

There are plenty of tools to compare the prices between local stores.  When going out shopping rather than looking through all the sale ads use a website  that compares all the stores around you so you find the best local deal.

Where is the best local price for an iPod or how do I compare the price of televisions sets are probably some of the major questions local price comparison sites will help you determine. – Shop local compares all the local sale prices for the week helping you find the best deal.

Pricegrabber – Compare prices between products on the internet.

SalesHound – Compare local prices using a yahoo search service