Adsense Income Report November 2008

My adsense income report is coming one day earlier, since the weekend seems the best time to take care of my earnings for the last month, and since I felt it was needed to celebrate this extraordinarily high income report.

Income Report for November 2008:
Adsense: $4,500.92
Infolinks: $1,308.54
Chitika: $100
Total: $5,908

This was my highest income report ever, even though I find myself with less time to focus on my websites.  Since working a second job on top of this income, I’ve had to find ways to better use my time, sometimes working two jobs at the same time (not recommended).

The biggest thing I’ve learned is, keep time for your blogs.  Even if you have other things to do, take the time to update at least once per day.  Google will give your blog better search results the more it is constantly updated.

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