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YouTube High Quality 16:9, Widescreen YouTube

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

YouTube recently went widescreen with making the standard YouTube video size now 16:9.

YouTube changed it’s YouTube player to 960 pixels wide. Users need to make sure that they start uploading high definition videos using the MPEG4 format, MP3 audio, a video resolution of at least 480×360, and a frame rate of 24fps or higher.

So YouTube is not the first to go widescreen, they are merely keeping up with the time. Already setup boxes are starting to stream YouTube, connecting YouTube to your living room.

Buy Nothing Day 2008, Black Friday Buy Nothing Day

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

A movement called Buy Nothing Day has been around for awhile, taking place on the same day as Black Friday.  On this day AdBusters as well as other organizations are urging consumer to Buy Nothing the day after Thanksgiving also know as Black Friday.  While most consumers know that Black Friday has some of the best deals of the season, others are protesting the fact that it also urges you to buy things you don’t need.

Confusing Wants With Needs on Black Friday
One of the main goals of ad agencies is to confuse your wants with your needs in oder to buy more than you actually need.  Sure you didn’t need any more clothes, that DVD for $3.99, but the product ad made it hard to resist.  The whole goal behind Black Friday is to get you to spend, mainly for things you don’t need, in attempt to bring their books back in the black meaning, so that they aren’t negative at the end of the year.

This year I am asking myself for this Black Friday what I actually need and will use vs what is cheap and will probably end up in the back of the closet in a few weeks.  No matter how cheap it is, any ‘deal’ is not really beneficial if you never actually use the product, or hardly for that long.

The Actual Costs of Buying Gifts on Black Friday
Sometimes we don’t think about the human labor that went into making your shoe, the world that is easily shielded before your eyes.  It is nice to get things cheap, but at what cost does it come to someone else?  In the land of consumerism, cheaper is seen as better, even at the human cost of labor for slave wages.  People working in factory for less than $1 per hour doing a job you probably wouldn’t do for even $10 per hour.  Yes we all need to eat food at the end of the day, and these people do need money, but imagine if the money was spread out even a little bit more evenly.  Could you imagine cutting back a little, so someone could have a little bit more to eat?

What Do You Really Need This Christmas?
Sure this post probably sounds like I’m preaching, trying to get you to join in on Buy Nothing Day, but honestly I’ll probably pickup one or two things on Black Friday as well.  The main goal I’m trying to get across is, rather than thinking about what you don’t have, Christmas is a great time to be thankful for what you do have.  Even if you can’t donate money, you can always donate time, skills, or even old items of yours this Christmas.  This is always someone less fortunate out there than you out there, who is isn’t thinking about getting that new pc, rather they are thinking about how they are going to pay the bills this month or afford that Thanksgiving meal, among other things.

Be thankful for what you have, and use the season of giving to give, rather than figure out what more you can receive.  Sometimes the best present of all is the look on the face of someone you’ve made happier during the holidays.

Buying a Smart Car? Smart Cars Sold Out Everywhere?

Monday, November 24th, 2008

I’ve been eying a smart car lately, realizing not only are most Smart cars on a long reservation list, but that even eBay doesn’t seem like the best option since the cars go for even more used than new on official dealer sites.

Smart Car = Smart Buy?
Already Smart Cars have sold well in Europe, with me personally noticing almost more smart cars on the road then any other of car.  Cheap, good gas mileage and cute = smart? Apparently so. sure GM, Ford, and even Chrysler can’t sell their cars, but Smart has found a way.  What’s their secret?  Making a car people actually want to drive.

Buying a Sold Out Smart Car?
Buy sold out we mean yes you have to be on a waiting list, that is if you want to get the official price, but those willing to spend more always have a way.  Smart cars are selling as high as $30,000 on eBay which honestly seem ridiculous.

Given the fact that the Smart car is sold out and any remaining Smart cars have a high pricetag, I think it’s the best to wait for the next innovation or the next shipment of new Smart cars.

smart car

Text Links Ads with Intext links

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

Turning your links to text links is a great way to make some extra cash. With intext links your text looks like normal text and features no pop up ads like infolinks or kontera.  This means your text ads look like normal text links.

The benefits of Intext Text Link Ads
The biggest benefit of Intext is thefact that ads don’t stick out.  They don’t pop up when a user puts their mouse over the ad. This means yes ads looks look like normal links though this can be a bit confusing for a user.

Keys to Using Intext Text Link Ads
The key is to making sure you use advertisers who are relevant to your site. Maybe you would have used these advertisers anyway?  You will have ful control over the ads you display and the advertisers you use.

InLinks has plugins for Wordpress, Movable Type and Durpal.

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