Wii for $99 for Cyber Monday, Cyber Monday Deals

This Cyber Monday make sure to be on the lookout for the Wii deal for $99. This cyber monday eCost is selling a Wii system for $99 each day for 10 days. The deal started on Thanksgiving night and is still continuing. Selling one Wii at a random time throughout the day.

You will have to get lucky and see the Wii Deal and then purchase it. Normally a Wii sells for $300 or more making this one sweet deal.

eCost will offer one Wii for $99 each day for 10 days, beginning Thanksgiving night (November 27, 2008). The first will be sold some time between 8 and 10 pm, November 27, 2008, while rest of the Wiis will be sold at random times, 1 Wii per day, over the following 9 days.

You’ll find the deal at the eCost bargain countdown section via this link

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