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Creating New Goals for the New Years

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Every New Years I try to set new goals for the next year.  What goals can I have to make myself better for the next year?

I find that creating goals for the next year helps me stay focused, and gives me something to drive toward for the new year.  Of course everyone has a few goals each new year that seem to never get accomplished.   Goals like losing weight for the new year, learning a language, earning a full time income with your blog?

How many of these New Years goals do we attempt and fail quickly? Do we have a plan or just a dream?

Creating a New Years Plan and Not Just Goals
One of the main reasons we fail at the goals we create for the New Years is the fact that there is nothing behind them.  Saying that we will lose weight means nothing if there isn’t a plan behind it.  Instead of just making goals, make plans to achieve those goals. How are you going to lose the weight?

It’s time to plan out your dreams, your goals and figure out how you are going to achieve them and not just dream about them.

Swoopo Auctions a Scam? Swoopo Online Bidding

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Swoopo had a great idea for an auction, let users pay to bid, leaving the winner to save plenty on a winning auction.  However in the process, Swoopo seems like a scam, making users pay for each bid, making Swoopo tons of money, leaving the winner with a small discount.

How Swoopo Auctions Work
A user bids and the price increases.  At the same time, when a bid is received, time is added to the bidding clock.  The time runs out when no new bids are received.  In the end, any losers who bid on the item and didn’t win lose their money, and the winner still has to pay for the item.  The result?  The losers subsidize the winner and Swoopo make out big.

Swoopo already has sites in Spain and Germany doing quite well.  While you could win, making Swoopo not entirely a scam, keep in mind that it is like gambling.  If you don’t win, you lose your cash.

Check at Swoopo at

What To Do At A Casino Besides Gambling

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Casinos are more than just gambling.  Sure when you go to a casino you might think there isn’t much more to do than just gambling, but in this case you are wrong.

Activities Besides Gambling at a Casino
1. Money Exchange – One of the best places to exchange money from foreign currencies is yes, the casino.  Casinos have one of the best exchange rates and some will except a wide variety of currencies.
2. Turning Change to Dollars – Bring in your loose change into the casino and they will change it into dollar bills for you.
3. Free Drinks – Most casinos offer free beverages just for being in the casino.  Look for the soda machine somewhere by the slots.
4. Free Food - Often there will be free food for poker players so that they will stay and continue to play.

Of casinos are also entertainment centers, usually with live music, dancing, and entertainment, all designed to get you into the casino, and hopefully spend your money.Of course like all the games in the casino, the house always has the better odds.

Google Friend Connect, Using Google Adsense with Friend Connect

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Google is introducing a social service called friend connect that will allow the use of your own Adsense ads within the friend connect network.  Of course Google is also referring to this network as friend sense, due to the fact that it’s just another attempt to get more placement for Google Adsense ads.

What Exactly Is Friend Connect?
Friend Connect is an easy way to let websites add social features to their website. The biggest draw for blog is the fact that it works with Google Adsense, allowing publishers to make more money.   Blogs will be able to use Adsense-like advertising in Friend Connect and Open Social widgets that they’ve added to their websites.

The following YouTube video explains more in detail: