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Reasons to Start Working a JOB

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Of course most people would answer my post title with money, but there are plenty other reasons to taken on a job outside of for money, include things such as friendship, enjoyment, and learning a new school. Often times than not I’ve taken on a new job just to improve my skills. Though money is extra motivation, your job shouldn’t just be about the money. If it is, you might just end up into that rut where you start hating your job.

Think about the reasons most people go to college. It isn’t just about getting a job that pays out good money, but rather honing the skills to get them a job they will enjoy doing.

So when it comes down to it, the main reason to get a job is to enjoy what you do, not pay for your free time.

How to Work Less While At Work

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Since I’ve been Hawaii I’ve found myself having much less work time and needing to find ways to spending less time working and more time bike riding, snorkling, and hiking. Thus, I needed to find a way to spend less time working, but get the same amount of work done, just with less time.

Ways I’ve reduced the time I spend at work
Some of the easiest ways to reduce time spent at work is simply by removing all those time wasters you get into the habit of each day. 1. Checking your email constantly 2. Watching YouTube Videos 3. Chatting constantly with friends 4. Getting up to make coffee or food

Other ways I’ve managed to reduce my time working is by bringing work with me. Siince I work online, often times than not I bring my laptop to the beach, write while sitting in a bus, using the time I would be sitting doing nothing and turning it into work time. Sure not everyone works online however.

The key to getting more work done with less time
As I said, just reduce time wasters, work during down time, and just focus on your work, rather than on everything else.

The Google Redirect Virus, Auto Redirects Google

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Often behold I get a virus that redirects my browser away from Google, making me unable to check my valuable Google accounts. Though I can get rid of this virus using Kaspersky antivirus, it becomes wholeheartedly annoying. It is as if someone out there hates Google, ok plenty of people do, and uses viruses to redirect browsers from being able to use the site. Is this a vengence against Google?

Even if this Google Redirect Virus effected every computer out there, it wouldn’t stop people from using Google. Quite honestly, Google still provides the best search results out of all search engines. was a nice attempt but it just seems confusing and frustrating. Yahoo is ok, and MSN is fine, but when it comes to Google I honestly can’t find a better way to search.

Best Free Way to Fight the Google Redirect Virus?
Purchase Kaspersky, honestly the best I’ve used, or download the free anti virus program called SpyBot which has also worked wonders for me.

Fizy The Fastest Music Search Engine

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

I’d have to give the title to Fizy for the fastest music search so far I have experienced.  With Fizy you can quickly find songs all over the internet.  One type onto Fizy and you will locate both songs and music videos of any artist or song title before you can blink.

Features of the Fizy Music Search Engine include a listing of the length of the track, and to listen to the track as a standard audio track with the option often to view the video if you so wish. Basically this is a great way to search for all the music you could ask for. They even filter 30 language so you can find almost any song.

Fizy can be accessed at