Flying First Class from Atlanta to Hawaii

I just landed in Hawaii and booked a hostel in Waikiki out in Honolulu. Lucky enough I ended up flying first class from Atlanta to Hawaii direct, a 9 hour flight. Flying first class I will admit is definately better than flying coach.

So far Hawaii is hot, sunny, and the street names are very confusing. But I made it on the $2 bus ride from the Honolulou airport in Hawaii direct to the island center.

So why go to Hawaii?
I spent a long time debating where to go. So long in fact that I didn’t go anywhere. I sat at home for nearly three months thinking about leaving. But I did so much planning that I never ended up anywhere. Finally one day I just decided I’m going to Hawaii with no plan and no idea what I’m doing there.

What I learned is, 1) Don’t overhtink anything or you’ll end up getting nowhere. 2) Be willing to take risks to reap the rewards. 3) Sometimes you just need to leap without thinking. Do what your heart tells you to.

Just whatever you do, pick a goal and go with it. Just dive in straight head first!

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