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Advice for Traveling Long Term Alone

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

I’ve been traveling the last month and some odd days alone, so I’ve learned a few tidbits of advice along the way that should help any traveler on their journey to see the world completely alone.

My advice for long term travelers who travel alone
1. Alone isn’t always alone – Since staying in youth hostels in this journey, I’ve only had a few days where I felt alone.  Usually I’ve been quick to make new friends.  Just be open and sociable. Talk to everyone.

2. Stay in Youth Hostels – Youth hostels are one of the best places to sleep cheap and meet fellow travelers, many of whom are also traveling alone.

3. Keep Busy – See the local attractions. Do some exercise (I go running). 

4. Keep Planning Ahead – I’ve found that the longer I travel, the easier it is to get stuck in one place.  Just keep planning the nextx leg of your trip to keep going. Or if possible just stay if you really enjoy a city.

The Impact of the Internet on Traveling

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Now when I travel, I noticed how much the internet really has made traveling a whole lot easier. I can plan everything about my trip using solely the internet. The internet has impacted my flying, since I just book online. Basically I’ve been flying city to city to city doing one way trips using the internet to book everything.

When it comes to finding a hostel or hotel, the internet with sites like HostelWorld allow me to see reviews before I actually stay at a hostel, so I don’t have to risk getting in rat infested, prostitute, hell hole. Rather I pick one of the best hostels I can find, even if it cost a little more (since my life and my stuff are pretty valuable to me.

Finding out what to do in a city has also been impacted by the internet. Now I can look for reviews online about the best travel recommendations, sites to see, and which bars have the best happy hour specials. I plan my city experience based on the reviews and recommendations of others. This way you can avoid wasting your time at non interestnig attractions and spend time enjoying the essentials.

Keeping in Touch With Traveler Friends
One of the best benefits I’ve recieved from the internet is the fact that I don’t have to lose contact with the people I meet. Facebook has helped me out a great deal when trying to keep in contact with the friends I meet while traveling. Of course those friends I’ve met along the way start becoming part of my major friends list. Now when I am in the area of those global friends I meet, usually I can meet them. Travel long enough and I might just have a friend in every corner of the planet.

At the same time I can still keep in contact with family in friends with the internet thanks to voip and instant messaging. No longer do I need to write letters by hand or mail a postcard (though it’s still nice), but I just pop an email and can update them on my trip there.

Working While Traveling Thanks to Blogging
Now I can travel without saving up large sums of money. The internet has allowed me to travel non stop while working at the same time. Before, to work and travel I would need to basically work where I end up. Now I can just work anywhere I am and pay for my journey.

Blogging allows the freedom to work when I want, where I want, whenever I want. Without blogging i don’t think this long term trip would really be possible, unless I was willing to sleep on benches and go camping.

Increase Your Blog Subscriber Rate

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Do you even have a blog subscriber rate or subscribers at all?  Subscribers, and the rate of which your subscribers increase seems to indicate the health of any blog.  Subscribers are like the life blood of a blog.  These are the people that subscribe to your posts, and come back on a daily basis bringing you constant traffic.  These subscibers comment on your posts, give you feedback and click your ads.

How to Increase Your Blog Subscriber Rate
If you haven’t setup a feedburner account, do it now.  Head over to, sign up and start using that as your feed.  This will give you important statistics, like your total subscriber rate.

Make sure to setup email subscriptions as this allows almost a guarantee that people are going  to get your updates on a daily basis, straight to their email.  Sure some find getting messages daily a bit annoying, but as it goes for your rate of subscribers, this counts daily since they always get an email (hopefully) vs a feed reader which only counts when they visit your blog via their feed reader. So as numbers go, email subscriptions are far better than feed reader subscriptions such as igoogle…

To increase your blog rate just start advertising your feed.  Give rewards for subscribing..  Make your feed worthy to subscribe to.  Make it easy to subscriber to by placing an easy signup link on every page.

How I Make Money Blogging

Monday, April 27th, 2009

How do I make money blogging? It is the question I have to answer over and over while I travel.  The answer for making money online while blogging is quite simple, yet at the same time complicated to answer.

I Make Money By Blogging With Ads
Google Adsense has been one of the main ways I make money blogging.  Almost anyone can sign up for Adsense, and they find the advertisers for you.  They just keep a portion of the profits for linking publishers and advertisers together.

I Make Money By Blogging With Affliates
Using relevant affiliate ads and codes are a great way to make additional money.  Basically with sites like I’ll sign up for their affliate program.  Anytime I list a book or product they sell, I’ll link to it with my affiliate code.

Anyone can start making money blogging, but as I’ve described before, it can be the easiest way to money as well as the hardest.