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Why I Love, Hate Google

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

I have a love / hate relationship with Google for a number of reason.  I love the fact that Google pays me more than enough more to survive off of, but I hate the fact that Google has little or no customer service for Adsense publishers.  It feels like Google gets a little arrogant in the fact that it still dominates the advertiser industry on the internet.  While Google will go leaps and bounds for advertisers, in the publisher side of things, they seem to care a whole lot less.

When it comes to most relationships, as long as they pay you well, like Google, you will be willing to look past a few things that they do.  Even the United States if full of allies that are highly the effect of the massive power the USA yields in terms of GPD, Net Income, etc.  But what happens when the money runs out?  Will people still let Google’s policies slide?

While I hate a lot of things Google does, I still gotta love them, cause I get to travel around the world, and work solely on the internet thanks to their little ad program…

Only Buy What You Can Afford to Lose

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

I’m one of those people who never buys the newest technology or devices (unless it’s a laptop) because I know that it doesn’t make sense to buy anythinig unless I can afford to lose it as well.  People lose things, they break things, and they wash their ipods in the laundry.  Why spend money on something you couldn’t afford in the first place and stress over it when it breaks or you lose it.  Or you buy stuff you can afford to lose and if you lose it no stress, just get a new one.

I have a habit of losing and breaking things, one of the consequences of traveling often.  For this main reason I always end up buying the cheapest model of everything.  Recently I broke my Mp3 player, but fortunately I only paid $25 for it so no big loss.  There are two type of people, people like me who wait for old technology to get cheaper, or people who have to have the newest technology at whatever price, or maybe even a third type of person, those that want nice things but buy the off model clones and such to look good without actually owning the quality product.

Anti Spam Plugin for Wordpress, Reasons to Use

Friday, May 29th, 2009

After I reuploaded my entire site to remove some viruses, I forgot to turn on my anti spam plugin.  The result? I get 90 spam comments set for moderation.  The effect of an anti spam plugin is seen best when it is turned off.  If I continue to leave my anti spam plugins off for a couple days more, who knows, I might have 1000 comments to moderate.  This is honestly a huge waste of time.

My choice for Anti Spam Plugins?
I prefer any plugin that requires a captcha key to be entered in order to comment.  Most spammers won’t be able to comment and if they do, it’s easier to delete 10 comments than to sift through 1000 comments. Often I’ll just say forget it and delete all my pending comments.

I’ve been using Peter’s Anti Spam image plugin for wordpress. This lets you define a set of words for your  captcha which Peter’s plugin will change to an image.

Reusing Old Blog Posts for New Blogs

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Since Google has decided to make it difficult to use adsense on anything related with Clickfornick, I am doing the next best thing and reusing my old blog posts on other blogs that aren’t banned by adsense.  When I first created ClickforNick, I knew little about blog seo, or even writing blog posts, I just studied as I went, and was lucky enough to be highly successful.

Now I’m trying to get even better seo off my articles by creating new domains, such as my recent purchase, to replace the free voip section on clickfornick.  Basically what I’ll do is slowly migrate all my previous articles.  I’ll make sure to rewrite them a bit, check for broken links, add pictures, and build a completely better seo ‘d blog using exactly the same articles.

Just make sure when you start reusing old blog posts to create new blogs you do change the content a bit, or you might downgrade your new blog since it just copies word for word your other blog post.