Anti Spam Plugin for Wordpress, Reasons to Use

After I reuploaded my entire site to remove some viruses, I forgot to turn on my anti spam plugin.  The result? I get 90 spam comments set for moderation.  The effect of an anti spam plugin is seen best when it is turned off.  If I continue to leave my anti spam plugins off for a couple days more, who knows, I might have 1000 comments to moderate.  This is honestly a huge waste of time.

My choice for Anti Spam Plugins?
I prefer any plugin that requires a captcha key to be entered in order to comment.  Most spammers won’t be able to comment and if they do, it’s easier to delete 10 comments than to sift through 1000 comments. Often I’ll just say forget it and delete all my pending comments.

I’ve been using Peter’s Anti Spam image plugin for wordpress. This lets you define a set of words for your  captcha which Peter’s plugin will change to an image.

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