Only Buy What You Can Afford to Lose

I’m one of those people who never buys the newest technology or devices (unless it’s a laptop) because I know that it doesn’t make sense to buy anythinig unless I can afford to lose it as well.  People lose things, they break things, and they wash their ipods in the laundry.  Why spend money on something you couldn’t afford in the first place and stress over it when it breaks or you lose it.  Or you buy stuff you can afford to lose and if you lose it no stress, just get a new one.

I have a habit of losing and breaking things, one of the consequences of traveling often.  For this main reason I always end up buying the cheapest model of everything.  Recently I broke my Mp3 player, but fortunately I only paid $25 for it so no big loss.  There are two type of people, people like me who wait for old technology to get cheaper, or people who have to have the newest technology at whatever price, or maybe even a third type of person, those that want nice things but buy the off model clones and such to look good without actually owning the quality product.

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