Reusing Old Blog Posts for New Blogs

Since Google has decided to make it difficult to use adsense on anything related with Clickfornick, I am doing the next best thing and reusing my old blog posts on other blogs that aren’t banned by adsense.  When I first created ClickforNick, I knew little about blog seo, or even writing blog posts, I just studied as I went, and was lucky enough to be highly successful.

Now I’m trying to get even better seo off my articles by creating new domains, such as my recent purchase, to replace the free voip section on clickfornick.  Basically what I’ll do is slowly migrate all my previous articles.  I’ll make sure to rewrite them a bit, check for broken links, add pictures, and build a completely better seo ‘d blog using exactly the same articles.

Just make sure when you start reusing old blog posts to create new blogs you do change the content a bit, or you might downgrade your new blog since it just copies word for word your other blog post.

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