Why I Love, Hate Google

I have a love / hate relationship with Google for a number of reason.  I love the fact that Google pays me more than enough more to survive off of, but I hate the fact that Google has little or no customer service for Adsense publishers.  It feels like Google gets a little arrogant in the fact that it still dominates the advertiser industry on the internet.  While Google will go leaps and bounds for advertisers, in the publisher side of things, they seem to care a whole lot less.

When it comes to most relationships, as long as they pay you well, like Google, you will be willing to look past a few things that they do.  Even the United States if full of allies that are highly the effect of the massive power the USA yields in terms of GPD, Net Income, etc.  But what happens when the money runs out?  Will people still let Google’s policies slide?

While I hate a lot of things Google does, I still gotta love them, cause I get to travel around the world, and work solely on the internet thanks to their little ad program…

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