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World of Warcraft Gold Worth Real Money?

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Who knew that real money was worth fake money in the game World of  Warcraft.  I get spammed often with Warcraft Gold advertisements and this is the reason why.  It takes a lot of time to earn money in Warcraft so chinese Gold farmers will get the money for you as long as you pay a certain amount of cash. 

For many spending real money for Warcraft Gold seems like a good idea since it can be like real work trying to earn the money yourself.  But, does this take away from the game if everyone can just buy money?

The BBC even did a report on this new industry of selling Warcraft Gold for real money.

If you need some Warcraft Gold and don’t have any real money to forkover to buy some, maybe you should talk to the guy with the most extravagent World of Warcraft setup. He has a 47 PC, seven monitor World of Warcraft installation which come on we know is probably used for farming for World of Warcraft Gold. Check out more via this link

Domain Name Availability Affects Your Product Name?

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Back before the days of the internet you could call your product whatever you wanted as long as someone didn’t have that name.  Now before you name your product, do you check to make sure the domain name for the product isn’t taken?  Would you want to call your product Ultimate Orange Juice if is already taken? Probably not.  The internet effects everything from the name of your company to the name of your products.

Now either companies find themselves needing to pay for the domain name of their product or change their product name.

Of course there are other solutions for getting the domain name of your product.  You could purchase other domain names like .me, .info, .de, etc to find the best domain name.  You could get creative, buying domains like Ho.Me or GardenGno.Me for instance. 

Still as I’ve come to experience, there is nothing like owning the .com domain for the best search engine results.

The Smallest DVD Burner, DVR-XD09

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

DVR-XD09 is probably going to be the DVD Burner that is the smallest we have seen yet. The DVR-XD09 DVD Burner is packed into the size of a small jewel case. With the new netbooks that can’t even play DVDs because they don’t have a drive, the DVR-XD09 is going to be perfect wit a laptop that is too small to fit a comfact DVD burner.

The decvice measures in at 5.24 x 0.58 x 5.24-inches and 8 ounces which ends up being a little bit more than a cd case.

How To Live Like An American In Any Country

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

When I travel abroad, I try not to live always like an American, but there are those times when you are in other country that you feel homesick and feel like living like an American. Maybe you aren´t American and want to spend a day being American?

You could start the day of being American in another country by first visiting Mc Donalds or Burger King. Not all American´s eat here, but it´s an American company.

Next you could visit a huge supermarket, preferably Walmart which is in many other countries.  I almost always shop in big grocery stores at home.

Buy some American beer like Budweiser.  Sure Budweiser isn´t the best beer around, but why not live like an American in another country even if the beer kinda sucks.

Watch CNN on tv or tv in general.  Americans are fortunate to have their movies spread the world over.  Fortunately that means being able to watch your favorite American movies wherever you are. 

Americans are fortunate that they can live a little bit like an American in any country they choose.  American products can be found in almost any country.  American stores and brand names have also found their way across the planet allowing Americans Abroad to feel a little bit more at home.