Earnings Fluctuations With Infolinks

Lately my earnings have been fluctuating heavily with infolinks. While with most ad programs you can expect a pretty normal rate of return, infolinks has been fluctuating heavily. I have gotten as high as $6 ecpm, earnings per thousand, and the next day to have it suddenly switch to as low as $2. Why the large fluctuations? Often times this is attributed to variation in keywords I use but, in the case of infolinks it might be the fact that they are a smaller ad company. One company alone might be buying huge ad space from infolinks and decide one day to stop their ad campaigns leading to publishers earning less with infolinks.

My point is, the smaller the ad company, like infolinks, the more flucations you´ll probably find with your earnings. Still infolinks performs much better than kontera. Kontera on average performed far less, at about 2 cents per click.

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