Reasons to Hate Tim Ferriss and Four Hour Work Week?

I’ve heard a lot of praise about Tim Ferriss and his book the Four Hour Work Week.  Finally one blog post took a critical look at the method of Tim Ferriss.  PenelopeTrunk writes her post entitled 5 Time management tricks I learned from years of hating Tim Ferriss.

She writes: “So most weeks Tim probably has a 100-hour workweek. It’s just that he’s doing things he likes, so he lies to you and says he only works four hours. ” This could be true. What do you define as work? If you define work as only writing blog posts, but not the research, managing money, and comments and everything else, then sure you could have a four hour work week. Is Tim selling us on a real 4 hour week or is there time he doesn’t count “as work” and sells it off as non work thought he really is putting more than 4 hours a work week of time?

Love it or hate it, Tim Ferriss did drive some good points in the four hour work week. Sure maybe some of his information is not entirely correct and he can be a bit self centered at times, just read THIS blog post by PenelopeTrunk before you entirely praise Tim and his book.

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