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Best Way To Get Easy Links to Your Website or Blog

Monday, August 31st, 2009

There are a few ways to get some easy links back to your blog or website without much effort. In fact getting these links isn’t cheating the system or paying for links. In fact the best way to get links to a website or blog is easy.

There are in fact three ways I’ve discovered to get some links from high page ranking websites.

1. Try social bookmarking. This is a great way to get links back to your site with little effort. Sure you might not get the traffic you wanted from places like propeller but it does count as a link from a page rank 7 website. Try digg, propeller, etc and start social bookmarking your articles.
2. Try writing articles for article websites. Try using ArticleSubmitAuto which will automatically submit your articles to the top 20 directorys.
3. Forum linking. Try posting your links in forums. I personally like to use yahoo answers since I can specifically answer questions.

That’s is all there is to it. Use these three easy strategies to get more links to your blog and website!

Get A Job As An Affliate Marketer With Clickbooth

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Clickbooth is now hiring and this is a great chance to get a job in affliate marketing. Rather than just using affliate marketing on your blog why not get involved in the company that does the marketing? This would give you an insiders view at the people making the big money as the middleman between advertiser and affliate marketer. Work directly for the company that hosts the offers.

Clickbooth’s job is located right in sunny Sarasota, Florida and also the second best beach in the United States.

Just listen to Clickbooth try to convince you to be an affliate markter for them

Find out how to apply for job as an affliate marketer with clickbooth via this link

Life After College Depression

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

So you graduate from college you feel that life isn’t as you imagined. Your friends moved away and you have this lingering depression because you are missing those good old college days. Though you probably feel depression because of all the changes that life after college brings, don’t fear because you are not alone.

I have personally been in this life after college situation where you feel a bit of depression coming but so have many former college students. Unfortunately there is no way exactly to bring back all your friends and those good times you had at college, but there is a way to get beyond your feelings and feel happy again.

How to Move Beyond Life After College and Your Feelings of Depression
To get over that feeling of losing most of my good friends, I tried joining activities, looking for other things to do besides sitting around. Sites like are a great way to find clubs to join. Try craigslist in the events section for another way to find activities to do.

Learn a Language
For me learning languages was a good solution for life after college. This still keeps me in a learning environment and gives me a chance to meet great people.

Whatever happens, life after college doesn’t have to lead to depression. Just hang in there and things will get better.

When Your Wordpress Website is Blank, Easy Fix

Friday, August 28th, 2009

You wakeup in the morning and your wordpress website is completely blank. Nothing shows up and you can not log into your wordpress admin. That is also blank. There are a number of ways to fix a wordpress website that shows up blank.

1. Try removing all of your plugins. Sometimes a plugin might act up and cause your entire website to go down. You have to physically remove all the plugins to fix a blank wordpress site.
2. Try deleting your themes. Then login in to
3. Try overwriting all of your wordpress files except wp-config.
4. Still doesn’t fix your blank wordpress problem? Delete everything and start over. This may be the only solution.

As long as your mysql data is still there (where all the data and posts for your website are contained) then you should be able to un blank your website.

This happened to me this morning, I wokeup and for no reason at all my wordpress websites did not work. After reinstalling everything they no longer were blank. That was a huge pain in the neck but it worked.