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Starting a Business in Buenos Aires Argentina

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Thanks to the exchange rate, many Americans have found starting a business in Buenos Aires optimal. Already I can name a few businesses in Buenos Aires, Argentina that were started up by Americans (from the USA) looking to start a business where the exchange rate was in their favor.

Businesses like the California Burrito Company mimic the restaurants from back in the United States.

Or there is the restaurant the Alamo which plays Beer Pong in the United States fashion. Girls love it because the drinks are usually free for them.

Or there is the Sugar Bar an American restaurant and club that was started in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In the end, the owners moved down to Argentina to enjoy the better exchange rate and start a business with a lot less investment than would be required at home.

Guide To Creating A New Successful Blog

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

It is easy to forget what it takes to make a successful blog after you’ve already created one. We forget those necessary steps that got us to where our successful blog. I’ve often had trouble creating a new blog and getting it to retain a substantial amount of traffic. I’ve needed to look back on a few fundamentals to get my blogs as successful as they are today.

My Steps For Creating a New Blog

1. SEO – Make sure your permalinks are SEO’d. is better than /id=1.
2. Time – Creating a new blog takes time. You aren’t going to capture the top of the charts in the first day. Just keep blogging, social posting, and writing everyday. Slowly you will see better and better results. These things just take time.
3. Try To Be First – If you know news information that is new, try to be the first to blog about it. I noticed that if you can be first for a topic usually you can get higher search results.

The biggest thing factor is just time. No search engine is going to trust you right away, so just keep working and building up that trust. Even if you don’t make any money in the first month, just keeping working hard.

No Longer Determined a Virus Webpage

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

For most of the month this website was seen as a potential to being a virus webpage, even though the so called virus was only on this site for a few hours.  Google caught ahold of this webpage and immediately  listed it in it’s search engine as a potential virus.  This meant that anyone visiting this website was immediately notified that this site is potentially dangerous and blocked for access.

After submitting an independent review with most of this website was no longer as being a potential virus.  Thankfully there is an independent way  to get your website reviewed outside of Google or this website would probably still be determined a virus.

If your website is determined as a virus there is countless damage that can ensue.  Firefox viewers won’t be able to view your website.  Your site will lose rankings in the search engine.  One little hacker mishap could cause the entire loss of your webpage dynasty.

Virus Attack Site, Get Reviewed Outside of Google with

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

I was relying on Google to review my website to determine whether it was a virus attack site. Unfortunately has not been responding to my requests. I turned to to request an independent review of my website. is an alternative method to get your site reviewed without getting it check using Google Webmastertools.