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Shopping on Cyber Monday in 2009

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Even though Black Friday was ncie, Cyber Monday in 2009 could be better. Cyber Monday always means no lines, but free shipping, great deals, and shopping in your underwear.  In 2009 there were some great deals for Cyber Monday like the Walmart Cyber Week sale featuring a Sony Bravia 32-inch HDTV priced at $398 and a $249 Nintendo Wii Value Bundle.

There is also the deal in which Dell is offering the Droid Eris for free when taking out a new Verizon Wireless account.

Overall the Cyber Monday deals could have been better.  Even the Black Friday deals were nothing to fight for.  Have good sales disappeared?

Finding a Hostel on a Saturday

Friday, November 27th, 2009

If you go hostel to hostel while traveling, I find that the worst day to find a hostel is always Saturday. For some reason Saturday is the day hostels are almost always booked out. Sometimes even a Saturday hostel becomes booked out up to a week in advance.

Most likely Saturday is the day even people locally in the country book out hostels because of reasons like 1) A football match 2) Late night partying 3) Tourist hotspot with not enough hostels

Usually finding a place during the week for hostels has never been a problem, but Saturdays, finding a hostel can be chaos. Don’t fear, there is always sites like or you could book an overnight train and just use Saturday nights for traveling.

All Current Black Friday Ads 2009 Online

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

It looks as if all the ads for Black Friday 2009 have been uploaded online. This means that you can find Black Friday Ads from all your favorite stores online. That means getting ready for Black Friday has never been easier.

The store for Black Friday I always keep a look out for are Best Buy and Target. This year Target has a Western Digital Hard Drive portable for just $60 which is nearly half the price I paid just one year ago at nearly $105.

Black Friday is one of the best times to go shopping, even though it can be a major headache. Some of the best places I’ve found all the ads online include and

Microsoft Opens PC Lounge In New York City

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

To promote it’s products Microsoft opened pc lounge in New York City.  Actually the Pc Lounge will be in Saks Fifth Avenue. They are trying to add additional support for their newest operating system. the agreement, Windows 7 will be used to drive Saks’ window displays, and opportunities will be provided for customers to interact with the new software throughout the building.

Inside the lounge from Microsoft in New York City will be various PCs running none other than Windows 7. Is this what Microsoft needs to get people using its products?