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Change Your Caller Id With Caller Id Faker

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Since it is almost 2010, my last post involved changing your caller id, so you can prank your way into the new year. This new service called caller id faker lets you change the number on your caller id and even disguise your voice. The only catch is that you need to listen to two advertisements. After that you can prank as long as you want.

There are also other services that let you change your caller id such as prankdial. This website has prerecorded voices that you can have call from any number that you can choose to fake, and even download the call after it is completed.

Sure this service is going to annoy many people, and abused with the wrong purposed the caller id faker could change your caller id to any number, so impersonating someone, while funny, could be used for the wrong purposes.

Change Your Caller Id With Caller Id Faker found via this link

Most Visited Website on Christmas, Facebook

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Just what website was most visited this year on Christmas? Facebook became the number one Christmas website, having been visited more than any other website. Why the huge jump in website traffic for Facebook? Most people were probably trying to update their Facebook status, write Merry Christmas on each other’s walls, or check out what was going on with their friends.

Facebook, for many, functions not only as a social tool, but as a way to send emails to their friends. In fact analytics firm Hitwise wrote on their Twitter account that Facebook was the “most visited site in the United States on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.”

In fact it is surprising that Facebook actually beat out Google on Christmas.  Most blogs found their traffic decreasing during Christmas since most people just didn’t use a computer like normally.  However, Facebook found a way to become number 1, at least in the USA.  Or take it as Facebook has 1,000 employees while Google has about 30,000.  In any case, a very impressive feat for Facebook.

High Blog ECPM Earnings After the Holidays

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Now that it is between Christmas and New Years blog ECPM has never been higher. One of my blogs even has an ecpm of $28 making my blog earnings much higher, making up for the crappy traffic I received during Christmas. During the New Year holiday, will blog traffic be low again? Probably at least for one or two days. However, once the holidays are over, blog ecpm earnings should be back to normal, if not better.

So during the holidays, expect a low ecpm, but in the best case, traffic could pick back up, giving you higher than ever ECPM. So don’t be down during the holidays, your earnings might go higher like mine have, at least wait to cry about your ecpm until after the holidays are over…

Christmas Website Traffic Is Low?

Friday, December 25th, 2009

On Christmas traffic, website traffic across the boards is usually really low, unless your website has something to do with Christmas. Low Christmas traffic causes many people to be on edge, especially those who make a living from adsense. Many have written that the worst Adsense earnings are from the 23rd of December until the 2nd of January. Mikeiser felt the sting of the holidays, writing that his adsense earnings were “real low”.

Back in 2007 a forum discussed the drop in Adsense Christmas traffic also. Many found that Adsense traffic was lowest during this time, giving their traffic a nosedive, and keeping them on edge.

Best way to fight low Christmas website traffic? Just keep working hard to improve your blog. Use your holiday free time to improve your seo. Improve the usability of your blog and just get everything ready when things go back to normal.