What Happened to Click for Nick?

I haven’t updated this blog in over 1 year, for good reason.  Click for Nick started out as a project to learn more about making money online, to share the experience.  However in the last year I’ve gone on to bigger and better things.  I started out making a lowly $500 a month. Now I make $12,000 a month using adsense and affiliate marketing.

I have a range of about 30 blogs, some full automated generating up to $30 a day, others written by employees which I also consider to be fully automated. Basically I realized that its not hard to take yourself out of having to do any work at all. Find a successful blog topic, hire a writer, then move on to the next topic.

Now most of my time is spent on research, research, and more research.  Once I’ve discovered a successful niche, I’ll move on to a new topic. This was the best way for me to grow my income into the $400 a day it is now.

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