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Free Calls Using Google Voice and T-Mobile

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Those living in the USA will want to sign up for Google Voice and T Mobile service.  Using the number Google Voice assigns as your T Mobile My Fav number, all your calls incoming and outgoing will be completely free.

Any call to your Google Voice number will ring your cell phone under your Google Voice number.  By assigning this as your My Fav number with T Mobile these incoming calls will be free. 

This gets even better.  You can call your Google Voice number, assigned as your My Fav number and call any number in the USA for free.  When you dial your Google Voice number from a phone on your Voice account, you either listen to voice mail or press 2 to dial a call.  By pressing 2 you can dial any USA number and connect for free!  Or you can also use this to dial any international number and pay minimal fees! 

This service will be coming soon to the iPhone and is already available for the G Phone.  Google Voice plus T-Mobile will equal extremely cheap calling and allow you to take the cheapest plan with My Favs.

Why I Don’t Own a Car, Reason Not To Own a Car

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

I’ve had more then one person ask why I don’t own a car, wondering why with my income nearing 5 figures each month, why I don’t just succumb and buy a car.  I’m going to try to explain a few reason why not to own a car, and why even the fact that I could be making 7 figure a month I still might not buy one.

Why I don’t own a car
1) I travel often: I’ve found trying to travel overseas and between cities is more unpractical with a car.  Try parking driving in New York City, it’s a pain.  Rather getting around by bike and public transport is the easiest option for me.  It causes less headaches.
2) No fixed place to live: I travel, alot.  Due to this it doesn’t seem feasible to own a car.  I have nowhere to store it considering I have no fixed location to live.
3) I like public transport: Sure you are restricted by public transport and have no flexibility, but still I somehow enjoy getting around from transport to transport.  Sure it’s a challenge in the USA, but in Europe it’s easy.

Reasons Not To Own a Car
Besides or the reasons I don’t own a car as mentioned above, there are plenty of reasons not to own a car.
1) Socialness – It’s a way to get out and see the world.  Slower, but you are around more people and I have a tendency to make more friends taking the “slow” route than driving alone in my car.
2) The Environment – You might try to set an example, showing that you can make a better impact on the environment.
3) Cost - If you can get by without a car, why buy one?  The amount of cash you save is a lot even with the occasional taxi.  No gas to buy, no insurance, no costs to fix your car and no depreciation costs from owning a car a long time.

I realize not everyone can get around without a car.  Many places in the USA simply were not built with pedestrians in mind.  Other times, public transport simply isn’t safe enough.

I’m only hoping that by the time I do decide to finally purchase a car that electric gas plugins are more prevelant (something I’d consider purchasing).

My Current Wheels (though mine is orange)downtube bike

Best Time to Travel? Best Time to Buy?

Monday, February 9th, 2009

During a recession, depression or whatever economic term for a bad economy is a great time to travel, buy, and spend money, unless you are worried about your next paycheck.  But for those of you who actually saved up cash, take advantage of the fantastic deals out there.

Travel to Vegas?  Vegas right now, thanks to an employment rate of over 8% offers some of the cheapest hotel rates ever.  Try $21 a night for, ok a 2 star place, but still, fights are cheap, room rate have dropped, and anyone is ready to go above and beyond to get your cash.

Great time to buy? It certainly is.  Car dealerships are ready to make great deals on cars that they are already having a hard time selling (don’t be afraid to bargain hard).   Going out to eat? I’ve never seen a better time to get smooth deals.  Even my haircutter is giving $4 off coupons.

For those who can’t afford a bill, say cable, I’ve actually hard a great idea is to tell the cable company you can’t afford the full amount and unless they offer you a discount of say, half, you will have to cut the chord (most of the time they are willing to negotiate a better deal, rather than lose you altogether).

Best Deal in February?
February is the time when stores sell of their older models for less, to make way for the new ones.  If you don’t mind having a slightly older model, you can usually find a great deal on everything from electronics, to furniture, to year old cars.

Eliminating Phantom Power Devices

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Whether you known it or not, you might be spending extra cash on powering devices known as phantom power devices.  These are devices plugged in that consume a minimal amount of power.  These are devices such as printers, dvd players, and such that when even when “turned off” still consume a minimal amount of power.

Why Should We Be Eliminating Phantom Power Devices?
When added as a whole these small power consumptions may just add another $3 onto your total bill without even thinking about it. Let’s say you have 12 devices around your house using 3 watts per hour.  Now you’ve got 36 watts every hour, something which totals an entire kilowatt nearly everyday.

How to Start Eliminating Phantom Power Devices?
Start putting all devices on a single power strip.  Let’s say all your pc devices are on one power strip.  Now when your pc has been turned off, you turn off all the devices at one, eliminating any possibility of phantom power.