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Review of Vibrant Media, Total ECPM

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Vibrant Media is one new ad agency I’ve started using so I thought a review was necessary. Vibrant media offers in text advertising for websites that get 500k users. Does the ECPM live up to the hype? Currently their ecpm is good, and it does pay pretty good per ad click. However, most of their ads only show up in the USA and Canada so you’ll need to use another ad agency for foreign traffic.

Currently I’ve been using a combination of Vibrant Media and Infolinks to get the most out of my text links. So far the combination has paid off, giving me a higher total earnings than using either ad company alone.

If your website does qualify for their stringent requirements, leave me a comment below and I can personally recommend you too their ad agency.

Making Money in 2010 Is Hard Online

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

2010 I predict will be harder than ever to turn a profit online for anyone relying on Google products like Adsense and Adwords. Making money in 2010 means more competition against other blogs using advertisements. It means making money against companies like Google getting even more strict with their ad programs. Adsense users get blocked without reason, and Adwords accounts are thrown in the sandbox for who knows why.

Making money online is getting harder and harder, especially with the mentioned factors.

What is positive about making money in 2010?
There will be even more people using the internet. There are plenty of different programs letting you making money online. Adbrite, Chitika, Azoogle all offer extra ways to make additional income from ads.

How to Make Money With Twitter and Sponsored Tweets

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Izea has taken the idea of PayPerPost to a new level.  THis time they are trying to help you make money with your twitter account.  Your posts get sponsored on your twitter account and you get paid for it.  Now it’s pay per tweet…  Just like PayPerPost, all Tweets must be 100% disclosed and are done with an engine that automatically adds a tag like brought to you by Izea.

Reasons Why Sponsored Tweets are Better Than Sponsored Posts
With Sponsored Posts you always had the worry that you could lose your pagerank because Google is not the biggest fan of people who use PayPerPost.  I ran into this problem in the past after writing a few PayPerPost posts.

Finally you have a way tp monetize that twitter feed you have without worrying about any penalties.  Too bad I’ve not pushed myself to actually start tweeting.  Maybe now is my chance?

To start making money with Twitter and Tweeting just visit

The Most Annoying Online Ads, Audio Ads

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Some ads that I’ve found to be annoying more than others are internet audio ads.  These audio ads open entering the website disrupt music, peace of quiet and anything else by playing audio announcing that you’ve won a free xbox or a free wii or whatever else, usually in a very loud voice that keeps repeating the longer you stay on the webpage.

Result of these annoying audios ads? Less people will want to visit your website, which could mean a loss of readers, loyal visitors, or even bad comments about your site.

There are services that will offer pay per view audio ads, but is it really worth it?