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Where Are My Adsense Income Reports?

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

I haven’t posted my Adsense Income reports in awhile. Why? My Adsense Income reports haven’t totally disappeared, maybe they just got sidetracked? Maybe people post their Adsense Income Reports to show how their website is coming along, that they were able to increase their income from month to month.

Based on my current Adsense Income Reports, I’ve found that once you reach a certain income level, it becomes harder to increase your income by the same percentages as when I first started my blog. At levels of $10,000 per month getting to $20,000 seems much harder then going from $500 to $1000.

After awhile of using the same marketing techniques, the effect isn’t as great as when you first start. If things are leveling off for your adsense income report too, just trying implementing your new strategies. Don’t forget that new ones, but maybe people are becoming less sensitive to your marketing and you need to try something new?

As for my current Adsense Income Report, I will try to post a summary soon.

Income Report with Adsense June 2009

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Everyone has been asking me to post this adsense income report for 2009 which I missed out on posting back on the 1st.  I’ve made a habit of getting this report out this this month.  However, the one thing that makes this month different is the month without adsense, well sort of.  I still run adsense on most of my websites just not this one after I was blocked at the first of May.

June 2009 Adsense Income Report


Chitika – $1500

Infolinks – $1,100 Sign Up HERE (it’s worth it)
Total – $2,700

Other Websites
Total – $6,450 (a combination of affliate,
, and infolinks)

Total – $9,150

Overall I haven’t missed Adsense too much.  Time will tell if things continue this way.  One of the main reasons I didn’t get slammed without Adsense is the fact that Adsense was paying me a low ECPM anyway.  Losing it wasn’t a huge deal.  It would be nice to have the option, but until I get reapproved, I’ll be be doing just fine.

Adsense Income Report for April 2009

Friday, May 1st, 2009

This month my Adsense Income Report is special, not only because it might just be my all time highest report ever, but because I’ve been traveling the entire month, yet managed to break my record for adsense earnings. This only further proves that traveling and earning money from Adsense is not only possible, but extremly possible. This kind of income has given me the freedom to explore and spend a bit more than I usually would when traveling. I might even be able to splurge and get a 1 bedroom hotel once in awhile, rather than sleeping in rooms full of 8 people.

Adsense $2,520
Infolinks – $1,000 Sign Up HERE (it’s worth it)
Total – $3,520

Other Websites
Total – $6,150 (a combination of affliate, adsense, and infolinks)

Total – $9,670 (all time high?)

Income Report for Adsense March 2009

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Another month means another Adsense Income Report with this month a little worse than before.  Whether this is because of the US economy or not, which it probably is, it is still is profitable to use adsense to earn money on the internet.  Adsense isn’t quite as strong as before, but for many it is still a great opportunity to earn a good income each month using a blog. 

Adsense  $2,300
Infolinks – $1,100 Sign Up HERE (it’s worth it)
Total – $3,400

Other Websites
Total – $2,850 (a combination of affliate, adsense, and infolinks)

Since I’ve started traveling the last week, I’ve been spending a bit of money, eating out and sleeping in hostels, but it has been worth it.  It truely shows that making money online is possible while traveling and having a great time.