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Where to Find Legal Pictures, Photos for a Blog

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

One of the best SEO strategies for a blog is including legal to use pictures and photos, allowing you to also capture traffic from picture search engines as well as search engines for text.  The biggest question is, what pictures are legal to post on a blog and which are not?

The legality of a picture or photo is usually a very grey area that can get some bloggers into trouble.

1. If a photo has a copyright, don’t use it.
2. If the photo is from a website in which you need to pay for pictures, don’t use it.
3. Any photos of high profile people should be used with caution.

Source to Find Legal Pictures, Photo for a Blog
I often use Flickr as a source for finding blog photos.  Photos will be marked whether they are copyright, and if they are you won’t be able to right click on the photo, so there is already a system in place to prevent you from accidently using a copyrighted photo.

Try using Zooomr as another method to find creative commons photos. You might also try  everystockphoto or stock.xchng.

How To Add A Job Board to Your Blog

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

A new tool called the Resumator lets you add a job board to your blog or website. Now you can advertise jobs directly on your blog.  This is a great tool if you are seeking new employees or even want to advertise other jobs (maybe for a fee?) The Resumator,  costs $59/mo (or try a 30 day free trial).

Other tools for adding a job board which costs nothing includes, Job-a-Matic you can get a free hosted job board that’s quick and easy to setup.

JobThread lets you add a simple widget on your blog. You can use JobThread to create a full job board.

Some popular blogs that use a job board include FreelanceSwitch and ProBlogger which both charge for adding jobs to their Job Board making this also a potential extra income generator.

Find Police Speed Traps in Your Area, Find Police Traps

Thursday, December 25th, 2008

Social networking meets police speed traps with Trapster’s online database of user reported police traps throughout the world. Police traps can be combined with the GPS on your phone to be alerted when you approach a speed trap.  This could be the perfect reminder to SLOW DOWN.

The speed trap map allows you to inform yourself of those traps, as well as report your own speed traps to alert others about potential speed traps.

Of course the problem with this site is that it will encourage law enforcement to change their speed trap locations more often as soon as they realize that their current spot is on this site. However, the amount of people that actually use this site is probably not going to significantly affect the amount of traffic stops produced.

So want to find police speed traps in your area and be alerted when they are nearby? Just visit

How To Follow Friend Feeds with FriendFeed

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

If you wanted a way to track what your friends update (want to be a stalker?) there is friendfeed which basically, as the name implies, lets you track your friends good.  But unlike a feed reader like iGoogle, friendfeed lets you track all sorts of feeds. From Blogs, to Flickr, to YouTube, or even places like Digg and Facebook, you can track the feeds from almost every single social place letting you keep tabs on the large network of friends between different social sites.

With FriendFeed, we’ve decided to make the switch, because now we can track all of our favorite feeds, know what’s being updated, and find out when new information has been added all in one location, without having to check each individual service.  The Facebook feed reader with FriendFeed for instance allows you to read the latest status message of each of your friends.  Or if your friend has added a new photo to Flickr, you’ll be able to find out in FriendFeed.

In conclusion, FriendFeed is one of the best ways to keep track of your friends, get all your feeds in one location, making life simplier and you not having to log into each seperate account to check what’s new.

Visit FriendFeed at