Making Money Online Without Google or Adsense?

January 9th, 2010

Can you make a successful online business without relying on Google or using Adsense to earn profits? The answer is yes, that there are many websites making money online without relying on Google at all. In fact using Google Adsense can be stressful since your income can fluctuate daily with minimal control.

Relying on Google for traffic is a good way for users to come to your site for free, but what happens if Google changes the way it ranks your website and you lose much of your traffic. What would you do?

Though I’ve relied on Google’s search engine and their adsense system for a long time, it’s time to start thinking outside the box. There are people selling products on eBay for money, people offering services ect.

My new years resolution? Start making money with ways outside the Google stronghold!

Build A Cell Phone Tower With MagicJack’s New Device

January 8th, 2010

MagicJack known for letting you make free calls over the internet has created a new device that lets you create your own mini cell phone tower to make free cell phone calls over the internet. By buying the new MagicJack device, you essential have a mini cell phone tower capable of connecting to your cell phone and allowing you to, rather than make calls with your current carrier, make free calls over the internet.

This new MagicJack device isn’t completely new however. This device is known as a “femtocells.” The MagicJack uses the carrier’s licensed spectrum to connect to a phone, then route the calls over a home broadband connection.

What does this mean for you? Using this MagicJack device you’ll get free US calls while inside your house routed easily over the internet!

What To Do When Banned By Google Adsense

January 7th, 2010

It is a bad day for anyone who gets banned from Google Adsense. I’ve experienced a partial ban from Google Adsense in the past, and I know people who have gotten the full ban, meaning all their sites getting banned at once. This really takes the fun out of making websites, and it takes a huge hit to anyone’s income.

Steps to Take When Getting Banned by Google Adsense
1. Immediately sign up for other ad companies. Good places to start are infolinks, chitika, and adbrite.
2. Replace the spot where your Google Adsense ads were with ads from other companies. The longer you wait the more revenue you stand to lose.
3. Don’t Panic! Write Adsense and explain, maybe you can get your account back, but it doesn’t always happen.

Life happens and so does getting a fat ban from Google Adsense. Make sure you stay with their terms of service so you can avoid this before it happens!

Resources for Google Adsense Ban
1. Google Adsense Terms of Service
2. Google Adsense Program Policies

Making Money in 2010 Is Hard Online

January 5th, 2010

2010 I predict will be harder than ever to turn a profit online for anyone relying on Google products like Adsense and Adwords. Making money in 2010 means more competition against other blogs using advertisements. It means making money against companies like Google getting even more strict with their ad programs. Adsense users get blocked without reason, and Adwords accounts are thrown in the sandbox for who knows why.

Making money online is getting harder and harder, especially with the mentioned factors.

What is positive about making money in 2010?
There will be even more people using the internet. There are plenty of different programs letting you making money online. Adbrite, Chitika, Azoogle all offer extra ways to make additional income from ads.