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Best Wordpress Auto Posters and Auto Feed Stealers?

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

When it comes to auto blogging, their is no auto poster that can beat pure handmade written text, but they can however add content easily and automatically stealing feeds from whatever post you want on the internet.

In fact auto posters can be really helpful if you need to compile information fast from various sources and don’t have the time to do it. Take for instance a coupon site. You could use an auto poster to compile coupons from many different coupons, then manually go in and approve which coupons to post.

Some of the various auto posters out there, that are also free include:
Wp O Matic


One of the premium auto posters I’ve been using is called MyVideoBlog and automatically takes feeds based on youtube and republishes them including the video. I’ve got my own custom templates designed to make things even more unique. Of course I go through and hand write all the posts myself for even more unique articles.