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Do You Use Blogging Tax Write Offs?

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

If you are a blogger and do blogging for a business, don’t forget to writeoff certain taxes for business related activities. Some bloggers fail to realize that some of their yearly purchases can be tax write offs. Now I am not a certified tax consultant so you should contact someone who is before writing off items on your taxes.

Some of the tax write offs that I have had in the past for blogging have include things like a laptop, camera for taking pictures for my blogging, and even a hard drive for my computer. I use these related to running my blogging business so I am entitled for taking the tax writeoff. Blogging is a business if you earn money and pay taxes, so you should make sure you take the benefits entitled with this which includes tax writeoffs.

When Will The Blogging Lifestyle End?

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

People have said this blogging lifestyle can’t last forever.  The internet will change, along with the way people view websites.  Will we still be blogging in 10 years?  Will all those people enjoying the blogging lifestyle have to get 9 to 5 jobs? 

What Does the Blogging Lifestyle Mean to You?
For many blogging means a medium to express their thoughts, and the freedom to write whenever or wherever they want.

Those enjoying full time blogging know that they have the freedom to live wherever they want, work when they want, and enjoy freedom and flexibility.  There is no boss telling you what to do.  You are your own creative boss and manager.  You call the shots.

The End of The Blogging Lifestyle
What would you do if your full time blogging lifestyle came to a crash? Did you spend all your money traveling the world and need to work a full time job?  Maybe you saved for this rainy day and have enough cash to get beyond blogging and open your own restaurant, hotel, store?

Whatever your plan, just be prepared for the day your blogging could come to an end.  Consider other ways you’d continue to earn the money you need to survive and enjoy your blogging while it lasts!

Earnings Fluctuations With Infolinks

Friday, July 17th, 2009

Lately my earnings have been fluctuating heavily with infolinks. While with most ad programs you can expect a pretty normal rate of return, infolinks has been fluctuating heavily. I have gotten as high as $6 ecpm, earnings per thousand, and the next day to have it suddenly switch to as low as $2. Why the large fluctuations? Often times this is attributed to variation in keywords I use but, in the case of infolinks it might be the fact that they are a smaller ad company. One company alone might be buying huge ad space from infolinks and decide one day to stop their ad campaigns leading to publishers earning less with infolinks.

My point is, the smaller the ad company, like infolinks, the more flucations you´ll probably find with your earnings. Still infolinks performs much better than kontera. Kontera on average performed far less, at about 2 cents per click.

How To Get Free Stuff for Blogging

Monday, July 13th, 2009

There are many great benefits to blogging. Those include getting free stuff just for writing reviews. Sure money from advertising is a benefit but there are also many other ways to get free stuff, just for blogging.

On my website Sampleaday, I’ve often gotten free products sent to me just to try them out before I write about it. has claimed to recieve up to $20,000 worth of free stuff to review on his blog. If you have a product focused blog, usually the more targeted the better.

Another factor which really helps in getting free things is traffic. Usually the more traffic your blog has, the more free stuff you can get since you have a lot of leeway. Leeway since you can reach a lot of audience, which is very attractive for companies.

Try writing to companies that pertain to your blog and see if they would consider sending