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Cheapest Way To Travel Long Term

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Since I work directly from the internet, long term traveling cost me as much as or even less than living in one location.  I’ll demonstrate why traveling is not as expensive as you think.

Saving on Traveling
1. I stay at hostels, campsites, and couch surfing.  In total this usually equates to less than $600 a month in rent, something I would spend at home if I had an apartment,
2. Traveling – Since I don’t own a car, that saves on insurance costs. Public transportation is widely available in most majjor cities.
3. Eating – I can still cook my own food even while traveling.  You get a much wider selection of food to travel as you travel.
4. Entertainment – A new city itself is entertainment in its own. It only gets expensive when trying to go into popular places like the Louvre, Westminister Abbey, etc…

Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive.  As long as you don’t stay in fancy hotels, or fly in luxury, the backpackers life can be as cheap as living  at home.

Cheapest Netbook from Sungworld for $78

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Sungworld has created what is now known as the world’s cheapest Netbook. However with the cheapest Netbook you can also expect the cheapest components, with a netbook that probably runs slower than my mobile phone. The cost? 500 Yuan (or equivalent to $73). The screen size of the Cheapest Netbook comes with Windows CE preinstalled, will be powered by VIA VT8500 ARM 9 based processor at 300MHz, comes with a total of 128MB RAM, 1GB of hard drive, expandable to up to 16gb via sd thanks to a built in sd card reader. Of course Sungworld has has included Wifi built in so you will always be connected.

Overall the cheapest netbook at $78 could be a good portable companion, though it’s going to be extremely slow, run barely any applications besides for typing, and the internet experience you receive is going to be very limited.

Buy the netbook from Sungworld? Probably not, even if it only cost $78.

Cheapest Cities to Live In, Which Cities are Cheapest?

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

If you ever wanted to live off blogging, why not just move to a cheaper city, in fact maybe with your current blogging income maybe you could afford some of these cheapest cities in the world?

Moving to a cheaper city is a great way to go farther with your income.  You could be earning $10 per day blogging and still survive in some of these cheapest cities of the world.

cheapest cities


Divided by Total/Cost of Accommodation/Food
1. Vangvieng Laos $4.25 $3.25 $0.50
2. Goa India $4.50 $3.50 $0.50
3 New Delhi India $5.50 $4.50 $0.50
4 Bangalore India $6.00 $5.00 $0.50
5 Bangkok Thailand $6.23 $3.73 $1.25
6 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam $6.86 $5.00 $0.93
7 Quito Ecuador $7.00 $5.00 $1.00
8 Phom Penh Cambodia $7.00 $3.00 $2.00
9 Bali Indonesia $7.16 $6.50 $0.33
10 Asuncion Paraguay $8.00 $4.00 $2.00

What about some more familiar cities?
Buenos Aires Argentina $14.00 $10.00 $2.00
Hong Kong China $17.95 $15.95 $1.00

Keep in mind to live cheap in the cheapest cities in the world, you will have to also reduce your living standards to be closer to that of the local population. This means no 4 star hotels, rather youth hostels or renting out an apartment. Still, even if you still feel the need to live above the living standard in these places, you can still live much better for much less.

Cheapest HD TV Projector, My Cheap HD TV

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

What would it cost for a 60 inch HD TV? How about $150?  The cheapest HD TV Projector might be easier than you think.  With my current setup, infocus projector and HD TV Tuner the whole setup cost me $160.

Getting the Cheapest HD TV Projector
I used eBay to get my InFocus projector for $150 which works well for the price with still at least 1500 hours on the bulb.  Keep in mind if you watch TV day and night a projector might not be the best option.  But for those who prefer HD at night from a PC and HD tuner, this is a great option, portability and a gret price.

Building Your Own HD TV Projector
For like $100 you can build your own high quality projector.  But keep in mind these methods are far from portability.  If you travel like me, getting a standard projector is the best way to have big screen on the go, but if you just need a basement movie theater, build your own!  I wrote earlier on how to do it HERE.

What About the HD Tuner for the Projector?
Oh yeah getting one cheap? Well if you haven’t gotten your HD converter box yet, get it now!  Though this isn’t ‘true’ HD, it comes close.  Using the S-video output on my Apex DT250, I am able to get a very good picture.  Keep in mind it only gets HD Signal broadcast over the airwaves.