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Install a Facebook Trojan, Easy Way to Install Facebook Trojan

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Guess what, now it is easy to install a facebook trojan, it takes very little effort. The easiest way to install a trojan in Facebook? Just follow easy steps:

1. Get a weid facebook message

2. Click the link

3. Make sure you are running windows

4. Ignore the warning messages

Congratulations you have successfully infected yourself with a facebook trojan and links will be added to your profile without your permission. Now you’ll probably be passing the trojan onto friends and family for all to enjoy.

Yes Facebook has recently faced this threat from spammers. Just delete any spam messages. If you did get infected on with the Facebook trojan, just follow the guide from Symantec.

How to Add Facebook Chat to Pidgin

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Adding Facebook chat to pidgin instantly puts you in communication with all of your friends.  If Facebook ever develops their own chat application it could be an aim killer.  Facebook Chat for Pidgin keeps you always logged into facebook and gives you popup windows for facebook, instead of having to click back to facebook to write messages.

How to Add Facebook Chat to Pidgin

1. First download pidgin (a multi application chat program, aim, msn, yahoo all in one)

2. Visit the Google Api Code page and download facebookchat 1.35 exe for windows users.

3. Make sure Pidgin is not running. Install the Facebook Chat exe.

4. Start Pidgin and add a new account to pidgin.  You should now see Facebook chat.  Username is the email you use to log into facebook.

facebook pidgin chat

Facebook Users Really Hate the New Design

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Facebook users hate the new design of facebook so much that they are rallying behind a movement to get a million people to sign a petition to stop the change, or at least not force the new design on people.

Facebook users have been signing an online petition against the new design which is already 31,000 signatures strong.  Users have been leaving comments about why they hate the new design calling Facebook the new “stalker’s paradise”.

Why Facebook can’t leave the old design

Changes are being made so Facebook can implement new features, and organize the whole social networking aspect better. What Facebook is becoming is cluttered.  There are so many new applications with no space to put them.

The new design makes Facebook more like twitter, putting your latest update like what you are doing in time sequence in between your comments, better time lining your life.

If Facebook leaves both designs, which it could, users are going to miss out on all the new implemented features. As Facebook is probably telling users, give it a try for a little while, I bet you’ll actually like it.

As for the stalker part?  Just be careful you add as you friend.